An Honest Review Sirena Vacuum vs. Rainbow Vacuum

Are you in the market for a new vacuum? Does the vacuum you choose really matter? For some people, if it just sucks up dirt then any vacuum works, but if you are the type who is actually looking to help with the deep cleanliness of your home and the purity of your air then you know that the right vacuum is everything. My family suffers from horrible allergies and I have asthma so trying to keep our home as a safe zone is very important.

That is when I remembered the water filtration idea in a vacuum over a dust canister. The idea is that the dust and dirt get stuck in the water basin and doesn’t get filtered back into the air. So the dirt is actually gone and the air that is pushed back out is cleaned and actually purified.

*Disclaimer – I have not been paid by either of these companies for this review. It is 100% my honest opinion.*

So I decided that was the type of vacuum I wanted, and the only brand I knew of was the Rainbow since I grew up with one. It was my first choice, but there was one thing that made us look at other options. After doing some more shopping we found the Sirena. I have used both vacuums and will break this review down in four categories: Price, Assembly, Operation, and Cleaning Ability.




Rainbow – To say it in short, this vacuum is NOT affordable. It runs with a $3,000 price tag and was the ultimate reason we went shopping else where.

Sirena – Not too bad. It runs for just under $1,000 from where we bought it. Still isn’t “cheap” but compared to the Rainbow it’s much more affordable to people.

Sirena wins hands down.


Rainbow – Super easy. It has this really awesome thing where the tub and hose are grounded so there is only one of each to deal with. You pull the unit out of the box, click the tube together, fill the water basin, plug in the hose, and you are ready to vacuum. You can pick both wet and dry things with the same setup.

Sirena – Not easy. It took me and a friend an hour to figure it out. All you have to go off of is the picture of the box because the instructions are not clear. The Sirena also has an electric hose and a water hose and a tube for each which means more parts. It also means that you can’t go over any water with the electric setup because you will short it out. So that is a bummer when it comes to the Sirena.

Rainbow wins this round.


Rainbow – The design of the unit is a little easier to use since it flat. I’ll explain. So when you take the unit off the water basin it is upright in the same position that it is in when it is on the water basin. So it’s easy to take on and off the basin. The power button is easy to see and clicks so you know for sure it is on or off.

Sirena – The design is something I am not a fan of when it comes the Sirena. It is designed at a diagonal so you might be able to see more of the water basin when it is in use, unlike the Rainbow, but it makes it hard because the unit has to be practically laid down when you take it off the basin. Also mine was really tricky to get it to release off the water basin.

So I have to give this one to Rainbow.


This is where it doesn’t matter and is a tie. The Rainbow has a vibrating head and so does the Sirena so both use vibration and suction to get the dirt out. They both go down to the pad and get the deep down dirt that other vacuums don’t, the more you use both the better your carpet looks. The cleaning attachments look identical and work identical. And they are both air purifiers.

The one thing is that the Sirena came in our pack with a couple extra attachments that don’t come with the Rainbow and cost a lot more. So, if we bought the Rainbow, the extras would have run us about $500 more.

So with cleaning ability it is a tie, but, the fact I can clean more right off the bat with what came with my Sirena, I have to give an extra bonus point to Sirena.

Total Score: Rainbow – 3   Sirena – 3

Ha! It’s a tie! So it just depends on what you want to spend. If you have a great paying job, then go ahead and go for the Rainbow since there is a little bit more ease with operating it, but, if you are like me and my family, the price is what saved it for the Sirena. I still have a great vacuum that will just have a little bit more personality. All in all, my house is getting clean and that is what my number one priority is.

UPDATE! One year later:

I have used my Sirena vacuum for almost a year now and I love. The only thing that was a bummer on mine was that it is super hard to get it off the base with the canister on. Not a huge deal and I just hook it in the front and not the back. I just don’t pull it around and push it to where I want it go instead. Otherwise the vacuum works great and I highly recommend it!




23 thoughts on “An Honest Review Sirena Vacuum vs. Rainbow Vacuum

  1. Thank you for this!! I too grew up with a Rainbow and was afraid of buying an inferior product. Knowing I’ll get the same performance from the Sirena will mean I don’t have to wait 2 years to have the cash in hand!!! 😎


  2. The Sirena does not come with a carpet shampooer and they have no plans to develop one which is not good. Would like to have one.


    1. Rainbow shampooers are not all that useful anyway. They are limited to 50 feet from the faucet that you have to connect the water line to, and they don’t perform all that well either. I have been in the vac business for 30 years and 99% of the time when we get a Rainbow traded in the shampooer has never been used. Get a 5000 series Hoover Steamvac. It works better and is not all that expensive. BTW I sell Rainbow and Sirena, and I like the Sirena better in many ways. It is more of a true water filtration than Rainbow.


  3. Thank you! I can’t even tell you how much I/we appreciate a truly honest review. It’s far too easy to get suckered into so many paid “review” sites these days.
    One of the big perks I remember about Rainbow is that the darned thing just never quit. I’d love see an update another year or two down the road, to read about how well your Sirena has held up (any problems, new complaints, parts replaced). I’m sure I will have invested in my own vacuum at that point, but I have no doubt it would be a valuable addition for anyone in the market to see your initial review along with an update.
    Thanks again!


    1. Hello Travisstuff 🙂 I am so glad that my review has helped. Yes Rainbows could probably survive a nuclear explosion and still work. I am going to add an update soon since I will have owned my Sirena for a year. So far no part issues and it is still working like a champ 🙂


  4. Thanks for the review, I used to sell rainbows way back when I was much younger, and totally bought into the water filtration concept. I have had a few and was able to buy a new rainbow when the local dealer shutdown so I got it on the cheap.
    Rainbow had a 50+ yr patent on the water/air separator that makes the rainbow actually work. This patent came due a few years ago, as a result Sirena was able to enter the marketplace. You will see that Sirena uses the very same water separator. It sits between the water basin and the motor base so that water does not get sucked up into the motor housing. It is a simple piece of plastic that makes everything work. Now that there is competition Rainbow either has to try and discrete Sirena or bring their prices down. It will be interesting to see how this battle transpires over the next few years. We just ordered the Siena directly on their Canadian site for about $700, Boxing Day sale.


    1. Ho Rob, Thanks for the comment. That is an awesome deal! Also thanks for the info and I totally agree. Rainbow is going to have to do something in order to stay in the game. I love my Sirena and am about to do a one year update on this post. So far no complaints 🙂 Have an awesome New Year!


    2. Rob, you are correct about several things but you are wrong about the technology. 4 top people left Rainbow and started Sirena. The biggest difference in design is that Sirena tumbles the water instead of swirling it so it is a true water filtration that doesn’t require a HEPA filter. Rainbow has been using a HEPA filter since 1999 because the bypass water filtration was literally being left in the dust by most other vacuum cleaners. In a Sirena the dirt comes in UNDER the water, whereas in a Rainbow it comes in above the water level. You can actually turn a Sirena upside down while it is running with water in it, and it will not suck the water into the motor. Rainbow cannot do that.

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  5. Thanks for sharing as I grew up on Rainbow for 4 generations and have my own now and love it and the shampooer is a plus for me. I noticed someone mentioned you have to connect faucet to it but mine doesnt. I wonder if the Sirena will introduce a shampooer and if the Rainbow will lower the cost to stay in competition.


      1. Rainbow and Sirena both use 1,1/4 inch wand size so tools are interchangeable but as for the electrical connection on the Rainbow Mate tool, no it does not match the plug. There are powered tools available though for the Sirena at your local vacuum store.

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