What if We Wore Our Debt Visibly?

Hello! I know it has been a little bit since I lasted posted so I wanted to get one out today. And today I want to talk about something that many people don’t want to talk about since it deals with appearances. At least it deals with our financial appearances.

I remember seeing this commercial for some financial group where people wore the amount of debt they had around their necks. Then the point of the commercial was to get rid of the debt and not have to wear the number any more. But I was recently thinking about how we would view each other in society if that was the case. What if we worse the number of debt in plain sight?

My husband and I don’t live in the ghetto but we wouldn’t be considered to live in a “nice area” either. We bought a nice little three bed two bath house in the city’s outter suburbs. We are white and are the minority in our neighborhood and it can be a real turn to our family and friends who wouldn’t think this place as an option for them to live. Now to us, it’s fine. We love our house and our daughter is getting to see that God has made different skin tones and He loves each one very much. So we like where we live.

Now the other day I took my daughter to her day care center I take her too for some social time since she is a singleton and the thought about the commercial hit me. Her day care is in what’s considered the nice area where we live. Here my 2006 Matrix was the oldest car in the lot, and I was dressed in what would be considered very casual for the area. I didn’t have a name brand purse and my hair was in it’s air dried pony tail. I still looked nice but it wasn’t “at their level”. I mean, heck, I walked past a Lotus in the parking lot. So these people have money. Or do they?

What if the driver of that Lotus had to wear the dollar amount of his debt around his neck? What would we see? I think that the odds would be that he is in thousands of dollars just in his credit cards to up keep the thing. It would make mine that we have gotten from our crazy summer dealing with black mold look tiny. So here is my question, what is the true definition of wealth?

I would think it would be actually having money in your bank account. Now, that Lotus driver might actually own that car out right and not have any debt at all, but I am just using him as an example of a mindset that many have today when it comes to what wealth looks like. To many it looks like the Lotus in the parking lot and really not be able to afford it. How is that true wealth? If you can’t afford what you have then that makes you quite the opposite. It makes you poor.

What is your definition of wealth? Is it a fancy car, house or clothes, or is it financial security and living a frugal life until you acquire enough money to not have to live paycheck to paycheck? For me, it is the later. I would rather have a $0 on my sign and live with a nice but functional car, smaller house maybe in a less expensive neighborhood, not have name brand things and learn to make things myself. How about you?

I would love to hear your stories so make sure to comment below and I will see you next time. 🙂

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