Join My New Book’s Launch Team!!!!!

Hello to all my awesome family, friends, and followers!!!

I am so excited to share this announcement with you. I have a new book coming out soon and I need your help. I need you be a part of my launch team to get the word about a new book that will help tons of people.

It’s called “From Positive to Negative: A Journey of Healing from Miscarriage and Infertility” and I it’s about my story in this crazy journey of fertility. It’s a power packed book about the feelings of miscarriage, working through those feelings in a healthy way, my mistakes that I have done in my journey and how I dealt with my loses, and how God has a plan for everyone even after the painful loss of a child.

If you join my team, you would be required to do a few things for me. I would need you to 1) read the book, 2) leave a review on Amazon and 3) tell everyone you know about this awesome new book.

When you fill out the contact form, I will send you will get a .PDF version of the book initially so that you can read it before it is launched, but then I will send you a signed coy of it as a thank you for your support. This will cost you absolutely nothing but you will gain a whole lot.

Miscarriage and infertility aren’t topics that should be in the dark anymore. They need to be addressed properly. You are not alone in this journey that is full of pain and confusion, but rather you are very much loved. Please let me show you in my book and join my launch team today.

Use the contact form below to sign up and make sure to put your address in the comment box so that I will be able to send you your FREE printed copy once the book is published. There only 25 spots, so sign up today so that you won’t miss out 🙂


Gracelyn Asay


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