5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy New Books


This seems to be a big controversy in the book world – to buy new or buy used. So may people buy used books mostly for the cost difference but let me tell you why you should always buy books new.

  • Helps the Author’s Ratings

I know this might sound selfish of the author, but most authors write books to make money. I am not sure why people think writing should be charity work, but they do. An author hasn’t just a few hours on their book and put it out on the market. The only way an author will know whether or not his or her book is selling is if it is bought new.

  • Greater Chance of the Author Getting a Renewed Contract

And that leads to the next reason to buy books new. If the author sells well then the publisher will continue their current book contract and then offer them a new one for another book. Publishers are dollars and cents. They don’t care about the literacy of the world just as long as the book sells. So if the author’s book is not selling then they will drop the author like a hot rock and the author probably won’t ever be published again.

  • Helps author’s commissions

As a stated before, authors publish books to make money. It might sound cold but publishing is a business. Like me, they work for years on their books before they go out and publish them. Years!! So if an author thinks his or her work is worth $25 bucks for a hardcover then it probably is. And it overall helps the author’s ratings in sales. If a book is bought at a used book store, the author loses a sale and the ratings don’t matter.

  • Mold, parasites and other things

One thing that people don’t think about is where did the book come from? I am not saying that new books are white as snow when it comes to cleanliness but they have a better chance of not carry the same amount of germs, dirt mites, mold, mild dew, parasites, and other unfriendlies. How do I know this? I lost everything to black mold and black mold LOVES paper. So all my books were contaminated and had to be thrown out. In my blog post,  What Can be Saved From Black Mold? I explain everything that can be saved and sadly books are not on the list. So say someone has mold in their house and they donate a book. You go and buy the book not knowing the mold spores are on the book and now you have infected your house with mold spores. Not that great huh? Now I know that warehouses can have leaks and mold but I have never had a new book with it. (After you are exposed to mold poisoning you can tell when it is around by an allergic reaction your body creates. Mine is I can’t breathe.)

  • The Virgin Book

And lastly, who doesn’t love a virgin book? The feeling of the binding crunching since you are the first person to open the book. The smell of the fresh pages that no fingers have flipped through. I love virgin books because they are all mine. I don’t have to wonder how many people have read this book before me because I have been its only owner. Now call me strange but deep down you know what I am talking about. You can’t get that same feeling with a used book like you can with a virgin book.

So I hope that helps you understand a little bit more why it is actually important to buy new books instead of used books. It’s good for the economy because Publishers are out to make a profit so they only have contracts with authors who sell books, the authors are out to make money for all the work they have done, and you need a great read to curl up in bed with. To me there is no other option than to go to Barnes and Noble or even your local bookshop and buy the new book on the shelf.



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