Testimony Shaming Is Real

Have you ever been in a small group and you are telling each other your testimony, and it’s your turn? You have heard some amazing stories of rag to God’s riches and you think “I can’t tell my testimony because my testimony isn’t good enough”? Are you the Christian who has been in church since you were a kid and have stayed with the faith and not strayed to the right or the left? Or if you did, it still isn’t that “impressive”? Yeah, I’m right there with you.

I was recently in a small group and I felt it more than ever. the woman who shared has an amazing testimony of restoration and redemption from where she was to where she is. I was actually jealous of her testimony and now was dreading it to when I was picked to speak. But then I thought why? Why am I embarrassed to tell my testimony just because it isn’t flashy? Maybe it is because I have never seen a testimony given at a church from a person who has been the kid who grew up in church. All you ever see are the testimonies from people who have these flashy stories of how low they were until they found Jesus and now look how great their lives are because they found Jesus. Don’t believe me? Think about every public testimony. What do they all in common?

So why aren’t there more testimonies showcasing people who have grown up in church and are still in church? Those who grew up in youth group and now they are the leaders in that same group? To me that sounds like the only way your testimony is important is based on how “bad” someone was before they were saved. That isn’t right. No one should be embarrassed to tell their testimony, but that is the culture we have been brought up in. Only those who have Saul to Paul stories get the spot light and those of us who have been Stephens are the ones trusted in the ministries. Not saying that isn’t where a true servant’s heart is, but just once I would love to see a testimony where the person grew up in church and stayed on the straight and narrow. That would be a great testimony along with the “fancy” ones.


2 thoughts on “Testimony Shaming Is Real

  1. This is so true and yet “testimony shaming” is so un-Christianlike, because in reality, no matter what our testimony, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and we are all sons and daughters of our King. Great post!


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