What is the Best De-Shedding Tool?

If you are like me you have a dog… or maybe more than one dog or cats. We have this adorable Corgi. Isn’t she cute? You can’t help but come home after a long day and smile at that cute face and tantalizing ears. IMG_20170925_114005

There’s just one thing that she does that is hard to get use to. She sheds! Every where! I did my best to vacuum and keep the fur under control, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to be easy with just vacuuming. I had to pull it out of the source. So I started looking for the best de-shedding tool. I have personally bought and used these tools. No company paid me for a review.

I first tried a simple wire brush like this one.

wire brush

This is definitely the cheapest option but I found it not that great. It would scratch my dog and when I went to pull the fur out of the bristles I would poke my fingers. The worst part is that it wouldn’t get the under coat where most of her shedding came from. So it was on to something else.

The next thing I tried was taking the plunge and buying a Furminator.


I really like this brush and it does a great job of getting not just the top coat but also the under coat. I had two Corgis after using this thing so much fur came out. So this is a great option and I enjoy using it. You can get your own here if you want BUY HERE but I just bought mine at Pet Smart. It is very easy to use, doesn’t hurt your hand, and is super easy to clean. I give this tool 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

But there is one more that I want to share with you. Although the Furminator is a great tool, and I will keep using it, there is a new tool I was introduced to and that would the Pet Ninja gloves.

pet ninja.jpeg

I LOVED these because it was more like giving my dog a rub down instead of a brush down. She didn’t want me to stop whereas within five minutes, even the Furminator, she is pretty done. These gloves were just like me petting her and they are very comfortable to wear. If you want a tool that is more bonding I would highly suggest these. And they are not all that expensive. they are cheaper than the Furminator and can work on all fur types from what I can tell.

So there are the three de-shedding tools I have used. Remember that every dog and cat is different so these might work great or they might not work at all. You just won’t know unless you try.


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