How to Make a Puppy Litter Box

So you have made the crazy choice to add a puppy to your household! Congrats! But what about potty training? Where is the puppy going to go potty? How are you going to handle messes? That is the hardest part of having a puppy. Some might say it’s the crying or the chewing but actually I say it is the potty training. Whether you live an apartment or a house, a puppy litter box is a good thing to have.

There are many reasons why use a litter box over puppy pads. For one thing puppy pads a very expensive since they have to be purchased again and again. the benefit of making a litter box is reusable especially if you use sod as the inside bedding for it. This is the type of litter box we made for our puppy, and it works wonderfully.

Why use a litter box at all? Can’t you just take your puppy outside? Well, until your puppy is fully vaccinated it is not wise to take it out to the common area (i.e. dog parks, apartment dog areas, parks, parking lots…) so taking your puppy out potty isn’t all that safe due to parvo and other puppy diseases that will be taken care later with his vaccines, but for now those kind of germs are very dangerous to your young puppy. That is why a litter box, especially if you live in an apartment or condo. With that being said, let’s get to making the actual litter box.

First, you need a few things.

  • A kiddie pool
  • Sod

That is it. I ended up using two layers of sod but you can make it as thick as you want it. All you do is cut the sod to fit the size of the pool and your puppy is ready to use his new litter box. There is one thing that is a special note is that I didn’t put any holes in the bottom of the pool. I did this because I wanted to be able to bring it into the house if needed and holes would make that a messy affair.


So you might be wondering what kind of maintenance dose a puppy litter box need? Since the litter box is made out sod you will have to water it. For this I use a water can and water the sod once a day. You will also have to give the sod plant food since the ammonia in the grass will try to kill it. And since the grass will grow you will have to trim every once in awhile. Otherwise it is pretty easy to maintain.

As for cleaning the watering does two things. Not only does it keep the grass alive, but it also cleans the grass. The one thing that dogs need is a new place to mark their territory and if the whole area is marked then they will less likely to use the litter box. So if you water the grass it will clean it. Not only does it keep the grass alive, it keeps the space new fo the puppy to mark, but it will also help with the smell. So all this to say to make sure you water the grass. And it goes without saying, especially if you are in an apartment, make sure to clean up the poop. I don’t think that needs to have much explanation.

I hope this has been helpful to take care of one stressful thing of bringing a new puppy home. Because potty training is stressful enough and I hope this will make things easier. Have fun with the new puppy!!!

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