New Items in My Etsy Shop

I am super happy to the say that I have new items in my Etsy Shop! They have been something that I have been working hard on and I think you are all going to love them!

The first one is from my new scarf line!

Yellow Infinity Scarf

Blue and Pink Lace Infinity Scarf

Butterfly and Bird Lace Infinity Scarf

Blue Lace Infinity Scarf

Aren’t they beautiful? They are so light to wear and perfect for summer! They can be adjusted to fit just as you want to wear them and look great with any outfit!

Next is a new rag rug line I have been working on. Doubt let the name scare you, all the fabric is new 🙂 Introducing! My Little Pony Rugs!

Rainbow Dash Rug

Twilight Sparkle Rug


Pinkie Pie Rug


Shutterfly Rug


Rarity Rug


Apple Jack Rug

Aren’t they amazing! They don’t have to be just from My Little Pony as in the rugs also have their colors as listing titles too. Some people just might like to have a rainbow rug and wouldn’t think to look for Rainbow Dash 😉

So I hope you enjoyed these and feel free to place an order by either clicking on the links or going to 🙂

A Special Prayer for Everyone!

I can’t believe it but this is my 100th post! I didn’t know I had so much to say. Wow so this post will be special because you will get to see my new products I have out right now but also I have a special prayer I want to give out. I have been so blessed by so many people with one of my last posts If Paul Was Yoda that I want to make sure I not only receive but I also give.

First though for the fun part and that is shopping! I had to laugh at myself since my mountain right now is infertility and the foundation to my product line at Handi Works of Grace is baby blankets. So I may not be able to have a baby right now but I guess it is still in my mind somewhere to want to bless other babies with nice, cuddly blankets. I have a couple to choose from.

There’s my Pink Minky Blanket


My Blue Monkeys Minky Blanket


And my Neutral Gender Minky Blanket


These also come in all sorts of other patterns so check it out 🙂

I also have a Crochet Rug out that comes in whatever colors you want.


And finally, just for a little more fun, A Pom Pom Book Mark.


There’s what’s new in my Etsy Shop, now on to the prayer over my readers.

“Dear Lord, Thank you so much for my wonderful readers. They are such special people and they have allowed me into their lives through this blog. I wouldn’t have a blog if it wasn’t for them. I just pray, Lord, that you will bless them in everything they do and everything they seek out to do. Bless their families and bless their area of employment. That they will feel Your hand over them everyday as they go about doing their everyday things.

If they are stay at home mommies, I pray for a blessing over their little ones as they grown and mature into good people who will serve You with their actions as well. What they do is some important even though most days it feels like it is the lowest job there is.

You are the creator of all things, Lord and without You there is nothing. Help us not to lose track of what’s important especially during our dark moments. Show Your light to us that we might see the right path to go down. Build up Your people, Lord, so we could do great things for Your kingdom. Make us strong and not ashamed. Help us when we are weak to stand firm and never forget Your sacrifice on the cross.

I pray all these things in Jesus’ name,


I hope that little prayer will brighten your day. I still have a lot to learn about prayer and the right way to do it, but I guess there isn’t a right way or a wrong way. As long as it is between me and God there is no way to do it wrong.

So Thank you for reading post #100 with me and I will see you next time 🙂



New Item in My Etsy Shop

Here is the new item from my Etsy Shop. They are super fun and I really think you will enjoy it.


Little Heart Basket is my new item for Valentine’s Day this year. This cute little basket will hold that little something special for that someone special really nicely. I loved making this since I was thinking about my loves in my life while I did.

This little guy goes for $10 in my shop and it only comes in red. I am looking forward to all the love birds who will find a use for this little basket either by their bed or the bathroom. I know I will be making one just for myself since it is too cute. Go ahead and head over to me shop and thank you for time 🙂

Trying New Things

My brain feels like it’s mush right now. I am trying so hard to make this marketing thing work not only for my Etsy ShopHandi Works of Grace but also for when I re-launch my book. I knew that I had to get better at marketing if either of these things will survive. But I have a hard time knowing where to start.

Where now? Well, I have learned a few tips today that will be helpful but most of it I will have to watch again. It’s amazing how technical this stuff is. And for someone who never really even liked asking someone for apiece of gum in the movie theatre line, asking people to buy my product is even harder. I will be the first to say that I am a horrible sales person. I don’t like sales and I don’t like being sold. So where does that put me wanting to be successful at both my books (and someday books) and Handi Works of Grace and my Potholes Series? I have to get over it.

If I am going to make this work, I will have to get past my fear of rejection and failure and just do it. If I make mistakes then I will have to grow past them i guess. I am not perfect and I don’t like feeling like I have to be to be successful. For example, I know my crochet products are good because people have bought them with the little marketing I have done. That is a complete blessing from God for sure because I don’t know where the customers came from. Therefore, my fear of rejection should be gone right? Wrong 😦 I don’t know why I am so afraid that no one will want my stuff. Maybe because this blog hasn’t done exactly what I planned for it, but that isn’t reason for excuse. I just need to find my path and stick to it.

Who am I kidding. I don’t even know where I am going… Wait! Maybe that is the key right there! If I knew where I was going then where would the fun be? None! So I guess I just need to take a breath, do my homework and wait on God. And when I say “wait on God” I mean to still implement everything I am learning but only He can increase my business. I can do everything right and if this isn’t where He wants me to be then it won’t succeed. But I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Because I LOVE having an Etsy shop. It’s fun and exciting and something that I really enjoy. And I enjoy writing too! So there it is. As Long as they are things I love to do, then they are worth my time and energy.

Until we meet again, have a great day!IMG_20150725_062330726_HDR

Some New Items in My Etsy Shop

So I am starting to get the hang of posting listings and making my product look good in the listing. A picture is really worth a 1000 words. I tried to take a picture on my phone but the quality was really bad so I had to break out my camera and tripod and do it right. And I have to say, the outcome was worth it.

Below are my new products that I have posted in my Esty shop. I hope you like them and encourage you to come by and check my store out! 🙂

Bouncing Boy Blue Blanket


Warm Fingerless Glove


Jungle Fleece Baby Blanket



Pure Innocence Fleece Blanket


I Joined Etsy :)

I have always been crafty and love doing things with my hands. So I took up sewing as a school project ten years ago and crochet about two years ago. The sewing has been on and off since I started but I have always enjoyed it. And the crochet… Well, let’s just I haven’t bought a new scarf or pair of mittens since I started.

Then someone asked if I did Etsy? I said, “No since that is for talented people”. Well, I have finally decided that my products are good enough for Etsy so I opened Handi Works of Grace yesterday. I only have one item on there so far but I will be adding more probably daily as I get my stock built up. Most of the things right now will be made to order for a little while but I am quick so I can get the orders out fast.

My favorite thing to make are baby blankets (which is the one thing I have in my shop at the moment). They are just so warm and cozy and I can pray for the baby while I make it. It is a really cool feeling.

So I encourage you to check it out and spread the word! Keep an eye out for updates and new products being released. This is going to be a fun ride 🙂