Commenting Guidelines

Hello to all my wonderful readers! I love to have discussions on my posts, but there are going to a few guidelines your comments have in order for me to approve them.



The ultimate thing that the comments have to have is respect for me and all others on my site. If there is any disrespect in your conduct, language, or tense I will NOT approve your comment. If there is something you disagree with in either a post of mine or a comment on one of my posts, there is a respectful way to handle it. Being informed is a good thing, but taring down myself or other readers will not be tolerated.

#2 Patience

I am a busy mother and wife with other things that need my attention. So, if you have not heard back on your reply, it is not because I don’t feel you are not important. That is quite the opposite. I value all my readers, and try my best to get back with you as soon as I can.

#3 Add to the Discussion

This is not the place to have your soap boxes or special interest groups. This is a platform that should only cover what the post is about. No advertising or spamming will be tolerated.

So these are my simple guidelines that every comment will go through before it is approved for posting. If these do not suite your preferences then thereĀ  are plenty of other blogs who might be a better fit for you. Have a great day and happy reading!