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Synopsis: Nora Clark is an independent young woman traveling down the road of adulthood. When a life altering decision changes her road, she must now navigate life’s potholes as she learns the value of family, love and forgiveness from those closest to her and the God that will love her forever.


By Stacy L on February 19, 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I really liked this book. I loved the characters and how they weren’t perfect and how God uses that to their advantage even if they don’t see it at the time. The books I like are those that just tell the story without a bunch of fluff and detail about the surroundings. Just enough detail to feel like I’m there and in the story. Potholes of Hope was a perfect combo of those. I am eager to read the next volume.

Format: Paperback

‘Potholes of Hope’ is a book at its best. I was pulled into this simple, smooth, fast paced book from the very first chapter where author Gracelyn Asay skillfully takes her readers through a heart warming life journey of a young teenage girl Nora Clark, who left her family against their will in Ohio with her boyfriend ‘Brad’ to live and fulfill his dreams of perusing a career in Hollywood, California. Trusting Brad left Nora no where and aloof, since there was no coming back to family after getting ditched as her father had stated, Nora had to struggle to earn a living all by herself.
The way author Gracelyn Asay has put a simple story of a young girl through her novel in a gripping and intriguing style of narration, it was definitely hard to believe that ‘Potholes of Hope’ was a debut novel of the very talented writer. Keeping the novel straight forward fresh and fluid with characters easy to connect with was the best example of showcasing authors natural talent and expertise in writing. I was thoroughly entertained and felt outburst of emotions by this absorbing read which was embedded with a moral that God is always watchful over us, He never leaves us, we may think that we leave him, but he’s never gone!
‘Potholes of hope’ is one of the few books, i’ll always cherish for its unique, captivating and naturalistic story line. Those looking for an engrossing read with mesmerizing touch of Christian fiction, this book is never going to let you down. Highly recommended!


Synopsis: A continuing story of Nora in Eagle Mayes. There is a new set of rules for Nora now as she is going down her road, and many of the potholes she will have to face will take courage in order to make it to the other side.


Synopsis: Wishing to see mermaids and mermen is one thing but it is something totally different to know one. Coral is just a girl trying to figure life out, and she has no idea what is up ahead of her when she meets Zale. She thinks he is just a regular guy trying to figure life out too, but is he? Sometimes there is literally something more under the surface.

  • True Mystery (Still to be Released)

Synopsis: What if everything you have ever been told about your world is a lie? That you have been trained to think a certain way and to do certain things to show your loyalty to something  only to find out that you were the enemy? This is what happens to a young woman in this stand alone novel involving betrayal, love and courage to know which faith is the right one to follow.

I love writing with all my heart and really want to share my passion with others. So feel free to check out what I already have available and keep an eye out for the ones that are in the making. New titles will be added on a regular basis 🙂

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