My Song For 2016

This song is my song for the year. It has helped me get up when I just wanted to lie down and give up, it has been a reminder that God is with me no matter how I might feel in that moment, and it has shown me that I can’t change anything. The only thing I can really do in this life is to look up and keep going forward. I think the song tells the rest of this perfectly and better than I could. Enjoy 🙂


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Exam Time – Practice What I’ve Learned

So this past weekend was my churches Christmas Women’s Event. It was awesome but there was an interesting story for me to get there. I have been doing a lot of study on stress and how to not let things get to me lately. I don’t know about you, but I am one that plans things out to the minute. I know exactly how long it takes me to get from point A to point B and how long something should take. So things go wrong, I get a little stressed out. Of course it was all out of my control so I don’t know why they bugged me so much. I guess I just like to have control so when it’s taken a way, I panic.

Well I have been really trying to fix that. I have been reading Joyce Meyer’s book Overload and she talks a lot just letting things go and rolling with life. Something I would like to think I do but I know I have a hard time with. Now, I am a very resourceful person and will figure out a solution to my change of plans or circumstance but the problem is I will concentrate all day on how the first plan went wrong. The thing is over and done with but I will stress myself out all day because I can’t let go about how my plan was better. Of course many times the new plan was actually better than my original plan, but I will still harbor about how my plans got ruined. Do I have anyone out there that can relate?

So, in Joyce’s book, she had some really great ideas on how to let things go and change patterns in your life to help with stress and coping with stress, and I have been using them. It’s actually quite amazing actually how you feel when you don’t try to control everything. Any way, let me tell you my story on how Satan decided yesterday was the perfect to give me an exam on what I have been learning.

Like I said, yesterday was the Christmas Event and I had been looking forward to this evening for weeks. I had my outfit all picked out and ready to go, I had things all out for my husband as he watched our daughter, and now I was just waiting to get ready to go. Morning of I woke up with this giant pimple on my chin. You know the type that if you keep messing with only gets bigger and bigger? Yeah, that was fun but I wasn’t going to worry about it and maybe it would be ready by the evening. Then the morning goes pretty smoothly as I took my husband to work and went grocery shopping. My daughter wanted to go to the gym but I  told her she needed to do quiet time first so she put herself down almost an hour early so we could go. Nothing to worry about right? A little pimple wasn’t going to ruin my day. Heck, during quiet time I actually got to write two chapters in my latest book I am writing!

Then the fun began after she woke up. See, I needed to take a shower and such to go to the event and I thought we were going to gym so I didn’t take one during quiet time and wrote instead. MY daughter wakes up and suddenly she doesn’t want to go to the gym anymore. Well, she had no choice and, after a yelling tantrum in the car all the way there, she was running into the doors to go play. Normally I would have said “screw it” and gone home but I know at the gym I would get to be able to get in peace and have a long shower.

Once I drop my daughter off in child care, I go to the locker room. I find a locker and try it out since it’s one of those digital ones that the batteries always die in and it worked so I out my stuff in and got ready for my shower. I go to lock it and now the battery is dead. So here I am in the towel and I have to unpack this one and find another. I try two more lockers and the same thing happens. Now I have to say this time I didn’t react the best but I didn’t react harshly. I finally found a working locker and went to take my shower.

I literally had one minute of hot water, and it was slowest time of the day for gym which means no one was there! Where the heck did all the hot water go. So instead of having a nice long hot shower, I was stuck with a cold military one. Can you see where I am saying that it had been exam time because having all these things back to back just seemed too ironic. It seemed like when I failed to get stressed out or mad about thing, Satan just tried another.

Well it didn’t stop at the shower since I just turned the water off and went to put my clothes on. As I was out dressing, my cami somehow snapped across my face. I have never done it before and I honestly I can’t figure out how I did it all together, but I do know this – it hurt really badly. Now I am really catching on to Satan’s plan and the reasoning side is trying to make the choice of let it go and move on or get angry and the reactive side just wants to wants to scream and throw a fit at this point. But I stay with my plan and keep staying clam.

Sadly, the test wasn’t over. Hair and Makeup went wrong and then I literally couldn’t get my bag out of the locker. But, finally, I was dressed and ready to go get my daughter. I sign her out and the topper of the exam happened. I snagged my lace shirt on something completely invisible on the wall. I went over the spot over and over again and couldn’t find anything that could have snagged my shirt. Satan was having such a fit that I wasn’t falling for his games that he snagged my shirt. My reaction? “Oh well, you can see it unless I point it out and, if I try to fix it, I’ll just make it worse.

I could just picture Satan at that point. He was probably kicking a screaming because I had failed his test and I went on to have a lovely evening at the even with my friends and family. But you know what? I felt good because I failed and I knew that God was smiling because I am actually learning from what I am studying.

Now the next time I might completely fail, but in that moment I had victory.

In Times Like These

So in America today, it is election day and this one has been a crazy one. And the worst part is that it is taring our country apart. They keep saying that we need to stand together, but there is one thing about any election and that is there is no way that is going to happen because in order to win you need to turn people against the other person which means there is no way for a country to stand as a whole.

It is kind of like how there will never be world peace. Everyone preaches it, but it will never happen because we live in a broken world. And we live in a broken nation just like the rest of the world. The only true way to have a group of people stand together with peace and harmony is when Jesus comes back. Only then will the true leader of the world sit on the throne and settle all the stupid arguments of which form of government is the right or not. I know which way I think it needs to be, but not everyone agrees with me. It just means that we all have our own opinions on how things are done. Personally I can’t wait for the day where it doesn’t matter what political party someone is.

Jesus come soon… That’s what I keep hearing, but I don’t think that people really understand what has to happen for Jesus to return. We have to go through WWIII and then the tribulation. Selfishly I want that part to take as long as possible, but, at the same time, I do want Jesus to come back. I guess we will see where America will play into God’s almighty plan after this election. We aren’t the best country in the world, but we will play a part. I just pray that it’s a good one.

Steak Knives

Have you ever had this happen to you? You buy a pair of steak knives and they are awesome. They are sharp and cut through any type of meat, cheese, or veggie you want. Then time goes on and they are not as sharp as they once were but you really don’t notice that you are having to use more force to cut your meat and your cheese is now coming off in uneven cuts as they are having a hard time staying straight. Finally you get to the point where the knives don’t actually cut anything but you are so used to them that you just put up with it.

Can anyone relate? I know it is kind of a silly story but it is 100% true. My parents have had these not matching steak knives since I can remember. They are now pretty much just cool looking butter knives but they refused to get new ones since they were so used to the old ones. Well, my husband and I decided that if they weren’t going to get some then we would. So as a thank you for letting me and my daughter live with them for two months until we were able to move into our new house, we bought them a nice steak knife set. Guess what happened? They were amazed at how long they had put up with the old ones and finally saw how much better these were.

Ok, what’s my point? Why bring up something as silly as steak knives? Because I think that is how Christianity has become in our country. We once were sharp and ready to cut through anything that wasn’t God honoring but over time have gotten duller and duller to the waves of culture influence. It is now that the church is so dull as a whole that is only spreads butter and doesn’t make any impact in the world around us.

Now there are good things happening by the work of Christians but that is just a small handful. I know I am not making an impact to the those around me like I should. I have a new neighbor that is already driving me crazy but I haven’t even been over to introduce myself and I have been in my house for almost two weeks. How am I any different from the rest of the stagnant Christians out there? Yes I have a book out called Potholes of Hope and that is all about Jesus’ love and forgiveness for our ways but is it enough? I don’t think so. I need to actually get out and spread Jesus’ love to everyone.

Actually what is putting me to shame are the songs my two year old daughter is listening to like: Jesus Loves MeHe Has the Whole WorldThe Wise Man, and I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart. Do I believe any of that? Do you?

Imagine what the world out be like if we did. We need to throw out our old steak knife Christianity and bring in a whole new set that is refreshed with the truth and word of Jesus Christ. Then we would see change in our world. Until then, good luck eating your steak.

Are Christians Snobby Chickens?

I know that I just offended the majority of Christians in America and that is good. If my title offended you, then that means that you are not a snobby chicken. Ok where did I even get my title? The other day I was feeding our chickens with my mom and she found a black insulator that had these red beetles on it so she went and put it in the chicken pen. We expected the chickens to go nuts over these bugs, but do you know what they did? They looked at the bugs and refused to eat them. They just stared at them and then walked into their chicken house. That’s when I saw the comparison to the Church these days.

I am blessed to be in a healthy and thriving church right now but that wasn’t always the case. I was in some churches that had distorted beliefs that they were the only correct part of the Body of Christ and then other churches who just went off on their own tracks with the gospel. It’s so nice to be in a church that is teaching the Word and out serving as the hands and feet of Christ. There is one area that my Pastor is passionate about is the wishy washy Christian. They are the ones that go to church, listen to the message, and then go and live the rest of their lives unmoved. His vision is to see the WHOLE Body of Christ coming together and change our region and the world with the love of Jesus.

So if you were offended by my title then that means you are not a wishy washy Christian. If you looked at it and it didn’t bother you, then maybe you should really look at your walk with Christ. There is so much going on in our world that shows the Devil’s time is running short. He is out there trying to do as much damage as he can before Christ returns. At least the Christians in America (I can’t say about anywhere else since I don’t live there) are at a crossroads. I am sure everyone knows about the bathroom thing going on, the Muslim issues going on and the fall of the power in the church in America. It’s no secret. We as Christians are giving away our power left and right. We are giving the Devil the power to take over our country and we are ok with it! I would say that those who call themselves Christians are nothing but snobby chickens. We overlook thing that shouldn’t be. We just figure if we just go in out fancy chicken houses the evil will just go away.

I have news for you. Sin won’t just go away! We need to stand up for whats right and what God stands for while keeping the love of Jesus still there. It’s only going to get worse because the Devil’s time is short and he knows. This is the time in the church’s history that we need to be the strongest. We can’t let him know that he can win. We can’t let him think he can destroy the unity of the Body of Christ more than he has already.We need to come together and show our strength because the smallest faith (the size of a mustard seed) can move mountains.

My War Room

Like of the Christian population in America, my husband and I recently watched War Room. It was awesome! The acting was great and the directing was great. I really enjoy the movies by the  Kendrick brothers. It was exra great for me because prayer is my “new years resolution” so to speak. I choose a word that will be the center of my year and this year it is prayer.

Now I know that many people think that prayer is silly and doesn’t work. They believe that God doesn’t hear their prayers so there is no point in trying. They could not be more wrong. I have witnessed prayer working in many areas in the last few years in my life that I know that it works. The problem is that my prayer life is so lukewarm that it is just not good.

Growing up in the church I have one of those talking to God all day types of prayer lives. Now those are great but what I realized what was missing was that deep relationship connection with God. The type where you go before Him and bare your soul and when you are done you feel like He is sitting right next to you. That is the kind prayer life I want.

So what did I do? First I made special place to pray – my war corner I call it. I don’t have a spare closet so I had to make it out of a little corner in my living room. It’s pretty simple but it’s cozy and intimate to be with God which is the whole point. (Also it was all purchased at a thrift store and only cost $13 to make which made my wallet happy.) Then I got the notebook I had near by and wrote out prayers for my husband, daughter and myself. These little prayers are just reminders for me to keep on track when I pray. Then I prayed and it wasn’t easy. Ten minutes seemed forever but at the end I felt closer to  God than when I started. My goal was accomplished.

My prayer corner is simple but I love it. If you want to know how I made it, leave a comment 🙂

Ready to pray!