Trying Not to be a Bored Wife

I know that it might appear that we have had a lot of excitement in our home lately but to be honest there is an underlying sense of boredom. I know my husband and I have goals and thrifting is a big part of our lives right now but I’ll be real and say it’s really boring sometimes.

Yeah my husband goes to work all day and wants to be home on his days off, but I am home every single day and it gets really boring around here with routine. I wake up, keep my daughter alive, husband comes home, I make dinner, I might get him to do dishes, give my daughter a bath, put her to bed, and then go to bed my self. Repeat that like every other mother in the world not just five days a week but seven. It’s just that two of the days I have my husband home to take care of too. It sometimes is hard being the mom/wife. Your family expects so much out of you and, when you can’t deliver, it seems like the whole house falls a part. I’d be so worried what would happen if I kicked the bucket right now. The vacuum would have more dust on it than the floor and my daughter would probably grow up on Papa Murphy’s pizza. Not saying my husband isn’t a great dad, I’m just saying that there’s a whole lot more that goes on that neither him or daughter know goes on to keep the house going.

So why am I bored? Because I am home all the time. Are there any women out there that will understand what that one line means? I feel like Cinderella on a regular basis. I work but never get to play as a family. I love my family and I want to spend time with them but sometimes I wish that Cinderella would be able to go to the ball with her Prince and little Princess more often than just church. I guess that’s what I get for marrying an introvert.

It wasn’t always like this. When we were dating, my husband and I had so much fun. He keeps saying we will have fun again so I’m trying to be patient. He says when he’s retired we will do stuff together again more than just do things around the house. Does he not get that’s a minimum of 20 years away? I don’t know what he thinks I’ll be able to do in that time but it can’t just be staying home and doing nothing. I want to be a good wife but I struggle too sometimes.

But I know that isn’t the way it is supposed to be. My husband is working hard for us to have a better life in the future and just  need to wait. Until then, I just need to look to God for comfort and sit on the couch with my husband after he mows the lawn and such on his days off.

When God Says You Are Not Going to Have a Brownie

So, as most women, my time of the month is a approaching and something that helps me is a good plate of brownies. I found this awesome recipe on Pintrest and made them for my father in law for his birthday. They turned out great! So I want to make them again.

I had had an off day in the kitchen for most of the day. Everything I cooked seemed to come out wrong or take twice as long to cook. And the same went for the brownies. I knew healthwise I didn’t need the brownies, but they were gluten and dairy free and over all rather healthy. They were made with high quality chips and cocoa and organic coconut oil. Surely I would be allowed to have one?

Well I make the batter and it doesn’t look right. I am pretty I put too much coconut oil in but I don’t want to waste so I put them in the oven. An hour later (and reinserting and resetting the timer 4 times) they are looking somewhat done and so I pulled them out to let them cool. Only they turned out like gravel.

So I guess the point of this post is, if you know you are not supposed to have something, then even God can prevent you for eating it. Ok, maybe not that bad. I guess it more to mourn the fact that I didn’t get any brownies last night and I am sad. Maybe next time the recipe will come out better 🙂

A Normal Saturday

So this morning, I woke up with a huge list to do. Well actually every Saturday I do since that is the day for Emma will be distracted by my wonderful hubby until I am finished and I don’t have to worry about her. Any way, I woke up and started my bread for the week and get it rising, then I had to do the pizza dough for the next couple weeks to put in the freezer, then I had to make soup for the next two nights and get it in the crock pot, then the bread dough was ready to be split to rise again, then the I got to sit down for a couple minutes before they had to go in the oven, and finally I prepared sweet potato fries to go in the oven when the bread was all done. Whew! That was a busy morning.

Why am I bringing this up? It is not because I am bragging. Trust me, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch with my family and watch Tinker Bell for the 100th time, but I was instead in the kitchen all morning. The reason I did this was because it saved my family over $30.00 in products.

Each loaf of bread only costs $1.50 each (I made four) and in store they go for $3.00 a loaf. That’s $9.00 saved there.

The pizza doughs cost about the same and they go for $5.00 in the store (I made 3). That’s $10.50 saved.

The fries go for a small bag at the store $2.29 and I made enough to be the size of two of the bags. The bag of sweet potatoes only costed $1.79 to that was $3.00 saved there.

And with the soup, I used left over chicken from a chicken I had already made two meals out of, the veggies were already in my fridge and costed me all less than a dollar and I have bone broth in my fridge so I didn’t have to spend any money on chicken broth. If I had to buy it in a can, it would cots me at least $2 a can and I made enough to make five cans so $10 saved there.

In total that was $32.50 saved (before taxes that would be included on the purchased items), and all it costed me was a few hours this morning.

So for me it was worth it. That doesn’t even considering the health benefits from them being homemade but that is another post 🙂

Have you considered doing more home cooking but don’t think it is worth the time and effort? Well I can tell you it is. My husband and I are now saving for a house and retirement for the little areas that I can help save money will make a bigger impact later for us. And that to me is worth three hours in the kitchen 🙂

Hope you have fun in the kitchen and have a blessed rest of your day!

Anybody hungry?

Yum, Yum! Homemade!

So I have posted a few things concerning tightwad things and my new tightwad bible so to speak, The Tightwad Gazette. This one is more about how tightwading can be used in the kitchen. Believe it or not, cooking at home is much cheaper than going out or pre-made foods. Here are my most recent examples.

My family loves this pre-made dish from Costco that is $10 a bag. It’s rather tasty but I was looking at it and knew I could make it better. So I looked and saw the dish pretty much chicken, carrots, broccoli, noodles and corn. The seasoning was garlic and butter for sure and the rest I would have to play with. I said in my head. “Oh my gosh! This is so easy to make and I could make it I’m sure for half of what this cost me”. So I did.

I looked at the back of the dish’s bag to get some other clues on seasoning but otherwise went and bought the ingredients at the store. Carrots: $1.75 for 16oz (only used a a quarter of the bag), Broccoli $1.50 (only used half the bag), Chicken: $2 (bought a $16 for a stock up on chicken and only used 3 breasts),  Noodles: $1.00, and 1 can of corn: $0.89. The seasonings were all in my cupboard so they were not going to be calculated.

So to make this dish from scratch it costed:

Carrots: $0.44

Broccoli: $0.75

Chicken: $2.00

Noodles: $1.00

Corn: $0.89

Total: $5.08

And I think it looks pretty close to the original inspiration of the dish.


So It is a simple as that. In a matter of twenty minutes and some prep work, I saved myself $4.92. Not only that but here is the ingredient list for the pre-made dish:


There are so many preservatives I can’t pronounce them all. It’s a simple chicken dish for heaven’s sake! It should only be 5 ingredients. So not only did I save almost half of the cost but I saved my family from the harmful preservatives and other “ides” that should never be in food. Isn’t that worth the extra ten minutes to make a dish from scratch instead of out of a bag?

Another thing we love in our house in pizza. Who doesn’t? But it’s super expensive out and even self bake is over priced in my opinion. It saves time but that is it.

Our favorite pizza is veggie combination. The cheapest we could find it is for $10 from our local warehouse store. But I thought I could do better. This requires more time but the dough can be made ahead of time and put in the fridge. So here we go.

Pick your recipe but they all consist of flour, oil, yeast, water, and salt. All these things are either in your pantry or very easy to get. We buy our flour in bulk (25 lb. bag for $7.00) so that plays a part in my calculations but most are about $3 for a 5 lb. bag. So to be fair I will use the average cost of a 5 lb. bag of flour.

Next is the sauce. You can buy it for $2-$3 at the store in the little jars or you can buy the big can of plain tomato sauce and season it yourself for less than $1 a serving. This is what we do. We buy a #10 can of tomato sauce from our warehouse store for $3 and get 14 cups or 7 pizzas out of it. We freeze the rest and have it ready to pull out later.

Next is cheese. This is the most expensive part of the pizza no matter where you go. You can buy bulk cheese and shred it or just buy the little bags. I will let you guess what we do but there is no true tightwad way to do this. We get our cheese in bulk (2 lbs. of cheese for $7) and shred it. Each pizza normally takes up 2 cups of cheese. But we will just use the average price for a 2 cup bag of cheese.

And lastly, the toppings. This is to the imagination but for right now we are just making a veggie combo. Green bell pepper: $.69 (half used), onion: $.69 (used half), mushrooms: $2.00 (used half), sweet sausage 5 pack: $3 (used only 2), and olives: $1.00 (only use half the can).

So now let’s break that down.

Yeast: $0.33

Flour: $1.00

Sauce: $0.42

Cheese: $2.00

Bell Pepper: $0.35

Onion: $0.35

Mushrooms: $1.00

Sausage: $1.20

Olives: $0.50

Total: $7.50

That is enough to add on a soda if you absolutely had to. We don’t do soda so that just goes into the food budget 🙂

So I hope I encouraged you to look a little more into making your own food from home instead of buying it from a pre-made store item. You might think you are saving time but in the end you aren’t. I won’t go in to that right now. Maybe another post. But I would love to see your creations. So post the pictures below in the comments and happy cooking! 🙂



Love Your Body Part 2

Here’s a fun topic when it comes to loving our bodies and that is being in the kitchen. Random at first but it is true. How we learn to love our bodies is how much effort we put into what we make. Notice I didn’t anything about health, I said effort.

How does that make any sense? Well think about it. If all I did was throw a microwave dinner in the microwave every night, then I am showing that I don’t really care or want to do anything in the kitchen. Now you might work full time and don’t have the brain power or will to cook a five course meal every night which is totally fine and that’s not what I am suggesting. I am just saying that the effort you put into your body when it comes to food preparation will show in other areas of your life.

I can say this from experience since there was a time in my life where I did nothing but eat fast food and binge eat with a boyfriend. I hardly cooked for myself and just relied on the next drive through window to supply what I wanted to eat.

It was horrible and now looking back at how little I did to make the right food in order to fuel my body to love it makes me ill. Now, do I still enjoy eating out sometimes, yes, but not like I used to. The closest thing to fast food my family eats now is Panda Express and my daughter’s favorite dish is the mushroom chicken and rice. I was no where near wanting to eat zucchini and mushrooms with my chicken back then. All I wanted was to have it fired with lots of gravy poured over it.

After that relationship ended, I took a look in the mirror and was horrified. I was unhappy with how I looked and felt at that point therefore I didn’t love my body any more. I thought I was ugly and unworthy of love again like any young woman after a break up but I knew my feelings about my body were self induced.

So I began my journey to getting back to basics. I started cooking for myself and found that I really liked cooking and preparing meals for my family. I would use them as test dummies on my latest food adventure and my parents sometimes loved my experiments but other times it wouldn’t work out so well. But that wasn’t the point. The point was that I was trying.

I got a few cook books that most of the time seemed to be written in latin and I worked through a lot of trial and error. But in the end, I love cooking and now make many things from scratch. It works out since I mostly eat Paleo now and there is hardly anything that is prepackaged and ready to go. If I didn’t start back then, I wouldn’t have dared to try the Paleo lifestyle now. But that is not the topic of this post.

This post is simply about loving our bodies through cooking. The more that I cook and see the creation of my hands and what goes in my body, makes me feel more loving and compassionate to my body. Because it is important what goes in and in the next post well will touch on health. But for now – let’s get cooking! 🙂