Are Christians Snobby Chickens?

I know that I just offended the majority of Christians in America and that is good. If my title offended you, then that means that you are not a snobby chicken. Ok where did I even get my title? The other day I was feeding our chickens with my mom and she found a black insulator that had these red beetles on it so she went and put it in the chicken pen. We expected the chickens to go nuts over these bugs, but do you know what they did? They looked at the bugs and refused to eat them. They just stared at them and then walked into their chicken house. That’s when I saw the comparison to the Church these days.

I am blessed to be in a healthy and thriving church right now but that wasn’t always the case. I was in some churches that had distorted beliefs that they were the only correct part of the Body of Christ and then other churches who just went off on their own tracks with the gospel. It’s so nice to be in a church that is teaching the Word and out serving as the hands and feet of Christ. There is one area that my Pastor is passionate about is the wishy washy Christian. They are the ones that go to church, listen to the message, and then go and live the rest of their lives unmoved. His vision is to see the WHOLE Body of Christ coming together and change our region and the world with the love of Jesus.

So if you were offended by my title then that means you are not a wishy washy Christian. If you looked at it and it didn’t bother you, then maybe you should really look at your walk with Christ. There is so much going on in our world that shows the Devil’s time is running short. He is out there trying to do as much damage as he can before Christ returns. At least the Christians in America (I can’t say about anywhere else since I don’t live there) are at a crossroads. I am sure everyone knows about the bathroom thing going on, the Muslim issues going on and the fall of the power in the church in America. It’s no secret. We as Christians are giving away our power left and right. We are giving the Devil the power to take over our country and we are ok with it! I would say that those who call themselves Christians are nothing but snobby chickens. We overlook thing that shouldn’t be. We just figure if we just go in out fancy chicken houses the evil will just go away.

I have news for you. Sin won’t just go away! We need to stand up for whats right and what God stands for while keeping the love of Jesus still there. It’s only going to get worse because the Devil’s time is short and he knows. This is the time in the church’s history that we need to be the strongest. We can’t let him know that he can win. We can’t let him think he can destroy the unity of the Body of Christ more than he has already.We need to come together and show our strength because the smallest faith (the size of a mustard seed) can move mountains.

Praying For Paris

What happened yesterday in Paris was horrible. It proved that it is not just America the Muslim faith hates, it is everyone. Of course what I’m nervous about is how close we are to WWIII.

It is stated in Revelation about a war that there will be a war that will start along the river Euphrates starting at the source and working its way to the end that will kill one third of man kind. End Time Ministries has a whole series on this in the DVDs “Islam in the Bible” and “WWIII”. Here is their article on Paris. But there is so much more that we need to look at.

What is really going to happen? God says there will be a war that will kill one third of man kind and, the way Irvin Baxter explains it, that right now is about 2.2 billion people with our current population. That’s alot of people! How is that even possible? Of course I suggest you either listen into his TV program or buy the DVD but I’ll give you a hint – nucar warfare.

We all keep hearing about how Iran has nukes but they are denying it and our President is a secret Muslim so he won’t do anything about it. Or he would already. We in America have nukes for sure so what is it going to take to finally spark this war that now with this attack on Paris is only bound to happen? Will it be an attack on NATO? Will it be another attack on the US? I don’t know.

This much I do know. It is coming and it is going to be bad. It will the war of all wars and after that the anti-christ will be revealed. The the worst part of it will start then for Jews and Christians alike. Because with the anti-christ comes the tribulation.

I won’t get into the whole post mid or pre trib thing because overall that doesn’t matter as much as knowing Jesus does. The only thing that it not being pre trib rapture is are we ready to actually stand up for what we believe in when we stuck with the choice to recant or die? I hope it doesn’t happen. But it might. we don’t know the full plan.

The end is coming I hate to say but there is hope. These true signs of the end times should bring Christians hope that Jesus is coming soon. It may still be decades away but He is still coming. Islam is trying to whipe out His name but they will fail. They will be the reason for WWIII and they will knocked down to nothing or almost nothing. A great DVD is the one about the four riders from End Time Ministries as well. The whole series is good really. It explains Revelation in a way that makes sense and he has proof to back up everything he says with history.

Becuase we have to be ready. We as Christians are running out of time to be passive. We need to be active and willing to stand up for our faith. Because one day we will have too. The day is coming. Are you ready?