What Bloggers Should Mention About Etsy

If you are like me, you want to find a way to earn some extra cash. Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) can be tricky when it comes to making money since you are probably a SAHM because you don’t want to pay for child care. There are all sorts of Pinterest post about side hustling and the biggest one they push is Etsy.

Now, I had a shop and I love making and creating but when it comes to needing to make some money it’s not always the best answer. Here are three reasons why.

 You need money to get started

This was something at first wasn’t a huge deal until I tried to branch out and add things to my shop to keep up with the trends. So if you are short on cash, you might not want to do Etsy unless you have a stock pile of stuff somewhere. And even though you have spent all this money, you have no idea how long (if ever) it will take to make it back.

You need time

 Now if you happen to have a crap ton of products in your closet or something then you might not have this issue. But I realized that there was an issue here. The majority of my products were crocheted and it takes me 6 hours to make a simple baby blanket. It costs me $15 in supplies and I charge $30 for it. So in total, I make $2.50/hour. Can you see where it is a little tough at times? I mean I love crocheting so I didn’t mind except when I didn’t get any orders and that leads to the last point.

It takes a lot of time promoting the shop

And I mean A LOT of time. You have to do Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to get the word out for free and then Etsy promotion that you can pay for. But then again, if you want promotion on the social sites then you have to pay for those too which means more money that you probably don’t have. And you have to post all the time to make sure you are getting full exposure so it was a full time job to just get the exposure out and even then I wasn’t getting the buyers. So if you have a full time job, it would rather tricky to do all the posting.

Now I don’t want you to think that I hate Etsy or anything because I don’t. I love my shop but I just had a tough time keeping up with the already established shops. And I didn’t have the time with raising my daughter and life to do it “right”.

So, before you open a shop, I would suggest you to really think about if you have the time to do the shop for the little reward you probably will get. I would suggest you go and do craft fairs instead. I know they only really come around during Christmas time but the buyers are there I you will have better luck.

Happy crafting! 🙂

Do I Really Need Facebook?

Checking your Facebook every fifteen minutes? Feel like you never put your phone down? Yeah, that was me. I was realizing that I was on my phone all the time when I wasn’t taking care of my daughter. It was rather pathetic. Not only that but I was also getting angry at all the political stuff going on in America before and after the election. I’ll jut say that I am not a part of the protesting group so I get pretty annoyed. So I decided that I was going take a break from social media apps and see how it will affect my life. That means I only can be on Facebook when I am on a computer.

facebook logo

I have done it for one day and I can say that it has already enhanced my life. My daughter is happier already because  I am not on my phone and we actually watched a whole movie together. My husband likes it since I wasn’t all pissed off yesterday at things that I really can’t change. And I was happier since my family was happy.

Is social media really enhancing your life or just adding stress to it? Why don’t you join me and not be on it so much and see how our lives are better for everyone. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going for me 🙂

Using Social Media for Thrifting

It is so cool that today we have so many options to communicate with each other through social media. I know there is a lot of controversy over it but this is one area that it is nice and that is finding good deals.

On Facebook today there are sites for “Yard Sales” in your area. So instead of having to wait for yard sale season or donating your items, you can sell them one at a time on these Facebook pages. I am a part of three pages so far and I have been able to find things that I would have not found otherwise. Because lets get technical, how many of you really enjoy yard sales? I know I am not the greatest fan of waking up early, and driving around for hours for just a couple of finds. I know people who this is pretty much their hobby so they are really good at it, but that is not me.So these pages are perfect for me. I may have to wait a little bit for the item I want to be posted but it normally is.

The next thing is actually buying it. Since there are thousands of followers on these sites, the competition can be fierce. I know there was one item that had been up for an hour and have 32 comments on it. It had sold with the first person interested but still people were getting in line in case that one fell through. So if you are looking for something, the key is that you have be on the page on a regular basis. Once you acquire your find, you then set up a time to go pick it up in the next 24 hours on the seller’s front porch. It is that simple.

Now selling on these pages is a little more tricky because you have to wait for the right person to want your stuff. To me buying is easier than selling. I put some items on the page and one of them sold right away. There others I am still waiting for someone to nibble on them. But when items sell, they go really fast.

One thing you have be careful of is that you can buy off any of the pages but you can usually only sell off the area page you live in. Check all the rules on the pages to make sure what areas are allowed to sell in what areas not due to distance. For example, when I lived in the country, I couldn’t really use the pages to sell anything because I lived too far out of the areas being posted. But when I moved down to the city, I could since I was right in the middle of the selling area. So just check and see how far the page will allow you to live away so that your viewing audience for your stuff can have the greatest impact.

This little thrifting tool is something that couldn’t be done 10 years ago. Now social media has made it more possible for people to connect and for you to be able to find those treasures you have been looking for.