She’s So Precious

I have to say that I started out today not in the best mood. I was irritable and easily flustered but I didn’t want to be that way for me and especially not my daughter. So we went to the gym where I did my thing and Emma got to go play with some kids.

We then came home, I made lunch and we played in her room until she went down for a nap. The nap wasn’t going so well so I sent and got her out of her room, but I could see she was still tired so we came out to the couch and this is what happened.

She is so cute when she sleeps 🙂

Precious right? She may be almost 2 but she is still my baby. My little Emma is growing up so fast and I can’t do anything to stop it. So I’ll just enjoy these moments I am given 🙂

The Miracle of Emma


This picture says it all for me. Emma Rochelle was born in 2014 in the wee hours of the morning after a long labor and delivery. She was 8lb. 15oz. and 21″ long. I will never remember that moment when she finally was out in the world. I had been pushing for so long and I had nothing more to give. But now it was over, and she was here.

Only that wasn’t the end of my story, and it most certainly wasn’t the beginning. I want to tell you the full story of the Miracle of Emma and how God showed His hand every step of the way. So sit tight and hang on, because this isn’t a lazy river ride. This is a raging water ride.

It started back in 2012 when I first started having issues with PCOS. (I have a few posts about is like If Paul was Yoda and such so feel free to check them out.) I had my last period in October 2012 and did not have one until May 2013. I was told I would never have children and there was no reason for birth control. So my husband and I didn’t use anything caution and just went with how we felt.

I had a lot of growing up to do as I mention in my last post about how I was a walking jealous time bomb pretty much. I pretty much looked like this:


Not so pretty right? But it felt like my affliction was rubbed in my face everywhere I went. It seemed like Satan kept putting people in my path who were pregnant and I was going insane with jealousy. I hated it and  I was beginning to hate God for putting me trough it.

Then a wise friend took me in under her wing (even though I don’t think she realized she did) and had me become more involved with my church’s children ministry. I know weird right? Why would someone who can’t have kids want to bless and love on other people’s kids. Most of the parents couldn’t wait to dump their kids off most of the time. But that was why I was perfect for the job. I had the time and energy to pour into these kids that their parents didn’t have. I was able to be that extra someone that a mother relied on when she dropped her kid off in the nursery so that she could go enjoy the church service without having to worry about her child.

And it made me content. I was able to come love on kids and go home to my quiet house. It was pretty much perfect. I still had my health issues but my heart was being fixed and mended to be able to take on the task that God had set before me.

Now came May 2013 and I miracle happened, I had a period! It was totally not expected and I didn’t even have tampons in the house. I had to go and buy some that day. I thought they were never coming back so I didn’t buy anymore. Any way, that isn’t the point. The point was that God had blessed me with a period.

The next month, I didn’t have one and I wasn’t surprised. I knew that with PCOS my periods were crazy so I was just happy that I had had one that year. We moved at the end of June I my feet were so swollen that I couldn’t hardly stand on them. I thought I had just done too much with the move and had to put them up. Only, it didn’t help! They stayed swollen for two weeks!

Then my sister’s wedding was in July and I noticed my breasts were huge and they were sore. I had no idea what could be wrong and pregnancy never entered my mind. I thought I had breast cancer actually, but they had gotten so big, that I almost didn’t fit in my dress for the wedding. My mom said that was crazy and that something had to wrong. Meanwhile, I had been filling a baby bottle for a fundraiser for our local pregnancy center and thought I would ask them about it that week when I planned to bring in the full bottle. Maybe they could tell me if it could be serious.

After the wedding, on July 17th I went to the pregnancy center to drop off the bottle. I then had a feeling that I had to take a test. Didn’t know why since I couldn’t get pregnant but I did any way. And guess what? It was positive. God had blessed me with a baby. I didn’t know how long I would have this baby since there had to be a low chance that I would be bale to carry this baby to term but I was going to be thankful every day that I was pregnant.

It was a long pregnancy since we went day by day to see if I was going to carry my daughter to term but I did. I actually had my water break ten days late. I had to be put on that medicine to get my labor going since she was so happy to be in me, she didn’t want to leave. It took 25 hours to convince her to come out with 4 hours of pushing. I was so tired and I was so done. I just wanted to meet my baby that I had worked so hard to get here.

Though our journey home wasn’t done yet. After she was delivered, she had to spend 2 days in the NICU because I have gotten an infection from being in labor for so long. I was still unable to be with my baby until finally we got the green light and was able to bring her home.

It has been an interesting time since then. She is a very strong child and can be interesting to raise at times but that was how she got here. She needed her strong will to survive in the womb and it will do her well later in life. She is an amazing person and a true miracle. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her. She is my sunshine and my biggest blessing.

When the Day Goes Right

How often can we say that? I haven’t been able to say a day wen as planned I think since my daughter was born. But today seemed to go just right 🙂 We got up, had breakfast, my daughter was in a good mood, went to my candy store (the fabric store), Costco where I got some herbs and strawberries for my garden, and then home again.

Once home, I planted my herbs and strawberries, my daughter was ready for a nap, I sewed a shirt extension that someone had ordered and then I made a maxi skirt. I thought my daughter would be up by then so I sat down with my computer to do some admin work with my book and my Etsy Shop but she still gave me another hour of nap time! I couldn’t believe it! Must be growing time for her. The only time she sleeps more than two hours is when she is going through a growth spurt.

So now I am just sitting here waiting for her to wake up and my husband to get home for us to eat dinner and have a relaxing night. Like I said, these kind of days are not normal but, when they happen, I am very grateful 🙂

But it got me thinking, that God really does look out for us and we do have the mountain moments when things are going right. It just means that I need to enjoy the moment that I have and prepare myself for what will be coming in the future. Maybe if I am little bit prepared, no matter what is, I will be able to handle it the way that God would want instead of me running around like Chicken Little yelling “The sky is falling!” when really it might just be a simple change in direction and not a complete tragedy.

So here’s to the blessing of good days and may God be with us all when the days get hard. He is control of both and both are for our good.

Through Simple Eyes

What do you do when you wake up first thing in the morning? Go straight for the coffee pot or maybe you are on of those amazing people who go and grab your running shoes. Me? I lay in bed for a minute and listen to my daughter play in her room and how joyful she is in the simple things in life.

It doesn’t take much for her to be happy. She doesn’t care right now what she wears or how great her toys are. She is just happy to go outside and play in the dirt with me and my husband. As long as she has us, she is the happiest. Is that how we are as adults? I know I’m not most days. I have to fight jealousy and greed on a daily basis while walking through this material world we live in. But right now my daughter is so innocent that she isn’t touched by it. I wish that I can be like that.

Wait! We can! Jesus says in John 16:33

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
Now wanting the BMW may not seem like tribulation but it is. Satan gives us tribulation everyday whether it be spiritual or by man. Both will try to take our joy away but the joy of the Lord is our strength. We can be happy in the simple things as well as the affluent things because we are of Jesus and He has already done the work for us. I mean look at this face.
How can you not see the joy in her eyes? She just loves life and everything in it. I admire her and want to be like her. I would love it if what made me happy was my binki, my monkey and my mommy. In many ways I do. I have my Bible, my Jesus and my family 🙂

Married on Valentine’s Day

I remember when I was single that I wasn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day. All I wanted was to have a man (or really a boy back then) call me his Valentine. Looking back I now see how silly that was. I was so worried about not having a Valentine, I would rather sit an pine about how unhappy I was when really I wasn’t. I had a Valentine and He is still my Valentine.

Because it isn’t just singles who are sad on Valentine’s Day. There are so many women (and men) out there who are in a relationship that unfulfilling and unhappy. To them, it would be better if they were single since then they could go out a find a different Valentine. Now I hope that they don’t do that since adultery is still adultery and God looks down on that but it can’t stop anyone from thinking of doing it. And the sad part is that they have forgotten Who their Valentine really is.

Now I am super blessed to have a wonderful husband and thriving marriage, but we are still young and we have a lot to learn. Unless we stick together and work our marriage correctly, we will turn into bitter enemies and if I recall that wasn’t in my wedding vows. Marriage is work but to some people it feels like a dungeon.

So why bring this up on the most romantic day of the year? Simple. It is to point out that being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t a negative but and positive and so it being in an unhappy marriage because we all have the same Valentine! Jesus Christ has given us the best Valentine ever and so often we (especially us women) forget about it and concentrate on the world. It doesn’t matter what kind of Valentine you have on earth because, if you believe in Jesus, He is your Valentine always. He gave you not red roses but His blood on the cross for your sins. He rose on the third day and now is sitting at the right hand of the Father waiting until you are with Him for eternity.

Found this picture and thought it was pretty on It reminded me of Heaven.

Don’t have Jesus? That is fine because He knows you already and is waiting for you to join Him faith. There’s no code or password you need to know to receive Jesus as your Savior. You just need to believe and say He is your Savior. That’s it and for now on you will always have a Valentine to celebrate with.

I am lucky because I now have three Valentine’s but I will always enjoy my first Valentine the most. He was there for me in the past, He is there for me right now and He will be there for me in the future.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

We love all the readers for this blog and pray you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day 🙂