All is Right in the World

I am so thankful for my life right now. These past few days have been a roller coaster with Aaron getting sick and having to take him to the hospital, to being separated from daughter for five days. It has been a good growing time for both my husband and I but I am ready to be woken up by a little girl knocking on her door demanding to come out.

I mean it’s kind of ironic really. My husband and I have been needing a weekend away for some time now but couldn’t and now have been forced to spend four days kid free since she couldn’t be around my husband and then she couldn’t be around me. It wasn’t the get away we planned but I guess it still counts. It was nice to have the time alone with him (after I learned he wasn’t going to die). We wanted to relax but ┬áhadn’t planned on it being mandatory. We wanted to be in bed together but planned on doing something else besides binge watching Once Upon a Time again (first time for him). But the whole point of our get aways is that we are together and for these last few days we were.

My daughter finally got to sleep in her own bed last night since my fever had broke during the night before and now she is crying wanting to see me. So my world is back to normal. And I’ll try to enjoy it better than I was before this all happened. My life isn’t always perfect but it’s mine and I wouldn’t trade it for anything ­čÖé

Update on My Husband

I am praising God right now! My husband gets to come home today. It was a little touch and go yesterday so they kept him another night but now all of his vitals look good and they think he can come home.

All the tests are coming back negative. No flus at all, no strep, and no minigitis. The only test that isn’t back is West Nile Virus and it’s looking like that is what he has. The good news is that ┬ámeans he is not contagious to me or our daughter. The bad news is that there’s no meds for it so now it just needs to finish its course.

We really appreciate all the prayers and support these past few days. It could have still ended up in a bad way if we ┬áhadn’t gotten him to the hospital. If I had done our normal, just let it burn off, we very well could have lost him.

I’m so thankful for Western Medicine right now. I’m pro natural ways for most things but it still has a place in our lives. The doctors and nurses were great and took really good care of him. I’ll update this post with his final diagnosis. Thank you for all your prayers!