What Bloggers Should Mention About Etsy

If you are like me, you want to find a way to earn some extra cash. Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) can be tricky when it comes to making money since you are probably a SAHM because you don’t want to pay for child care. There are all sorts of Pinterest post about side hustling and the biggest one they push is Etsy.

Now, I had a shop and I love making and creating but when it comes to needing to make some money it’s not always the best answer. Here are three reasons why.

 You need money to get started

This was something at first wasn’t a huge deal until I tried to branch out and add things to my shop to keep up with the trends. So if you are short on cash, you might not want to do Etsy unless you have a stock pile of stuff somewhere. And even though you have spent all this money, you have no idea how long (if ever) it will take to make it back.

You need time

 Now if you happen to have a crap ton of products in your closet or something then you might not have this issue. But I realized that there was an issue here. The majority of my products were crocheted and it takes me 6 hours to make a simple baby blanket. It costs me $15 in supplies and I charge $30 for it. So in total, I make $2.50/hour. Can you see where it is a little tough at times? I mean I love crocheting so I didn’t mind except when I didn’t get any orders and that leads to the last point.

It takes a lot of time promoting the shop

And I mean A LOT of time. You have to do Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to get the word out for free and then Etsy promotion that you can pay for. But then again, if you want promotion on the social sites then you have to pay for those too which means more money that you probably don’t have. And you have to post all the time to make sure you are getting full exposure so it was a full time job to just get the exposure out and even then I wasn’t getting the buyers. So if you have a full time job, it would rather tricky to do all the posting.

Now I don’t want you to think that I hate Etsy or anything because I don’t. I love my shop but I just had a tough time keeping up with the already established shops. And I didn’t have the time with raising my daughter and life to do it “right”.

So, before you open a shop, I would suggest you to really think about if you have the time to do the shop for the little reward you probably will get. I would suggest you go and do craft fairs instead. I know they only really come around during Christmas time but the buyers are there I you will have better luck.

Happy crafting! 🙂

When God Says You Are Not Going to Have a Brownie

So, as most women, my time of the month is a approaching and something that helps me is a good plate of brownies. I found this awesome recipe on Pintrest and made them for my father in law for his birthday. They turned out great! So I want to make them again.

I had had an off day in the kitchen for most of the day. Everything I cooked seemed to come out wrong or take twice as long to cook. And the same went for the brownies. I knew healthwise I didn’t need the brownies, but they were gluten and dairy free and over all rather healthy. They were made with high quality chips and cocoa and organic coconut oil. Surely I would be allowed to have one?

Well I make the batter and it doesn’t look right. I am pretty I put too much coconut oil in but I don’t want to waste so I put them in the oven. An hour later (and reinserting and resetting the timer 4 times) they are looking somewhat done and so I pulled them out to let them cool. Only they turned out like gravel.

So I guess the point of this post is, if you know you are not supposed to have something, then even God can prevent you for eating it. Ok, maybe not that bad. I guess it more to mourn the fact that I didn’t get any brownies last night and I am sad. Maybe next time the recipe will come out better 🙂