Making it Work

So here is actually a funny story for today. I know my posts lately have been about loss and sadness, but there is a lot of joy and good going on in my life. One of them happened yesterday even though they didn’t start out that way.

So yesterday my husband got our daughter ready to go since I drive him to work being we only have one car. I asked him does she have on pants and he said that she didn’t want to wear them, but he will put them in the car. We leave and I have to go to Home Depot on the way home and therefore Emma having pants was kind of a big deal. I grab the jumbled fabric that he said were pants and it was a long sleeve shirt. She of course already had a shirt, and I needed pants.

A little miffed at my husband, I go to Home Depot anyway and try to think about what I was going to do about my daughter not having any pants. Well, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in my heart and said, “It’s a long sleeve shirt. Put it on like a skirt and tie the sleeves in the back to keep it on”. It was genius!


Doesn’t she look cute with her skirt shirt thing? And everyone kept telling me that my daughter’s outfit was so cute as we walked through the store. If only they knew what kind of morning had led up to it. So, in the honor of that guy who now plays Bailywick in Sofia the First, I made it work 🙂

I Miss VHS and Cassette

Being a 90s kid, I remember VHS and Cassette Tapes and therefore I remember when DVDs  and CDs came out. They were supposed to be these awesome things for movie goers and music listeners because they didn’t take up much space on the shelf and they could have hours of extras of bonus material that had been possible before on a VHS. Sounds great right? Well there is one thing about DVDS: They suck with kids. Let me explain.

I remember as a kid being able to get up and go start my own movie with no parental help whatsoever by the age of two. Why? Because it simply required me to remember two buttons on the remote, the power button on the tv, and sliding the movie into the player. Now, it will take my daughter a lot longer because half of the DVD menus require the ability to read, and take two, three and even four buttons to finally get to the movie. So now I have to get out of bed and start my child’s movie when she gets up before I am ready to start the day instead of her being able to be independent and start the movie herself.

The second thing that is irritating with DVDs and kids is that they ridiculously fragile! Seriously!? Why is that with all the technology in the world the next best thing can’t hold up to a toddler holding it the wrong way for it to not play properly anymore? And just so you know, that whole thing with BluRay that is can’t scratch is bogus too because they obviously didn’t include toddlers in their focus groups. My daughter has damaged three BluRays to the point I will have to replace them.

With VHS it was so much easier because they only had one weakness and that was if little Johnny decided to pull the black tape out of the casing. Otherwise, my VHSs survived being stepped on, thrown, and even ran over. Yes, I left one of my movies in the garage as a kid and my Dad ran over it. But, you know what, it still worked. I would love to see a DVD or a CD survive being run over.

I know what you are probably thinking and why don’t I just keep them out of my daughter’s reach? Well I’ll tell you why – she doesn’t stop. Take a look at this poor CD for example.


This lovely little CD was on a top shelf and my little one climbed up and got it down and hid it from me. Today I finally found it in her room in pieces since my daughter now knows what happen with something not bendy is bent. She also gets to learn what happens when we don’t treat the things we have with respect and this is now in the trash and she thinks I am a monster.

But you know what, this would never happen with a VHS or Cassette. Nope. It would have taken ALOT more force than a toddler bending it to have one of them break. So, as a mom, I wish they didn’t get rid of VHS and Cassettes completely. I believe they are very much still relevant. And to me, the bonus features really aren’t that worth it. Most of the time they don’t show the “how they did it” like I would like to any way. I would rather save money from not having to buy the same movie I love in less than a year because I daughter thought it would make a fun chew toy.

So to all those parents out there who feel the same, stay strong. Someday we won’t have to keep treating the DVDs like they are made of gold anymore.

It’s Quiet in My House

My house is quiet tonight. Now as a mom, if your house is quiet with your kids in it, that could be a bad thing. I know when my daughter is quiet normally it is because she has gotten into who knows what and is doing who knows what with it, but not tonight. Tonight my parents have her and I was really excited about having some quiet to myself until my husband gets home from work, but, as soon as I left her, my world felt empty. I knew there was something missing.

Now my little girl is a handful and trust me when I say I am happy for a break, but that isn’t what made it feel like something is missing. It felt empty because she is my life. As a stay at home mom, you get very little time to and for yourself. You spend all day taking care of the kids and then your husband when he comes home. The word ‘tired’ is tattooed across your forehead and all you dream about is taking a shower that is longer than five minutes which includes the heat up time. I get that tonight and now I want her back. I want her crawling on me and demanding things from me left and right. I feel like my night has no purpose and my house feels hollow. I walk by her room and I want to curl up in her bed just to get her scent. She is my world and I miss her.

I know she is fine and in five minutes I will be jumping for joy down the halls that I get to sleep in without my normal 6:00 am alarm clock, but right now I miss her. She is having so much fun that she doesn’t know what to do with it. My parents will keep her well busy and the other way around and I look forward to hearing the stories from their time together. So tonight I will enjoy the quiet house and the night’s sleep because I go pick her up tomorrow and my crazy life picks up again. I can’t wait.

You can tell she is a barrel of fun 🙂

Modern Sociology of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Like so many little girls, my daughter loves the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It’s a cute little love story of the power to of true love and how it will always bring you through the toughest times. Or is it? Watching the movie now as an adult, it is almost painful for me to watch with how so many concepts in the movie have evolved into monsters in our society today. A few of these things are the way that men are looked at, the way that Snow White is really meant to be perceived, and the romantic idea of love.

I hold no rights to this photo of the characters of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

First and foremost that drives me crazy about the movie is the way that the men are presented, especially the dwarfs. Here are these successful businessmen with their own mine come home one day and have this spoiled little princess telling them that they have been doing everything wrong their whole lives. No wonder Grumpy wasn’t so welcoming to her! He was a grown man and had been getting along just fine without her but now he was having to change everything he did for a person he #1 didn’t know and #2 didn’t like.

I can see this be the real start to the way that young girls started to see how they were their man’s saving grace. Because God knows that men are completely incompetent to take care of themselves. Now would it be the same way a woman takes care of themselves? Yes and no. Now my husband shared a house with four guys when he was in college. He was definitely the messy one in the group. Snow White would have gasped ad probably fainted at his room, but did that instantly mean that all the guys were like him? No! The rest of the guys were very tidy and very organized. To me they had no “need” for a woman to come in a save them from they caveman ways. Now did my husband need some help, yes, but the difference was that I helped him over time. I didn’t do an overhaul on his room on our first date. Now he is very helpful in keeping the house up because it is important to me and he wants to make me happy.

The other thing that is nuts about the movie is Snow White herself. She is played off to be this innocent, little thing who has no idea how life really works, but then she gets out on her own and suddenly she knows how to run a house and is so confident that, even though the witch is hunting her, she basically kicks the men out so they will go to work and leave her alone. Now she isn’t very bright in seeing the good in everyone but that is for another tale because what the heck was Disney thinking when he thought having her do breaking and entering? So pretty much my daughter is learning it is ok to break into someone’s house as long as you clean it up and cook dinner. I have to laugh at that. I know it’s just a movie but kids learn from everything they see.

For example, there is something good that she learned from the movie. She learned a sock and a stocking are the same thing. She was watching it and Sow White said that line “A pick ax. A stocking too!” And my daughter corrected her by saying “sock”. Then I got to tell her that a stocking is another word for a sock. She looked at me and said, “Stocking – sock”. So she made that connection and it was really cool to see a two year old make it. So it’s not all bad.

There is just one last thing that has made our society into something that is kind of a mockery and that is our idea on what love is and how it happens. I really do wonder how many bad relationships could have been avoided if little girls weren’t indoctrinated with the idea that the first man they meet will be their forever prince? The are other movies… ok pretty much every Disney princess tale except two were the whole plot is based on a love struck girl who breaks the ties of her whole life just to be with the man and then marries him in the end. Snow White for example, met the guy once and, even then, she ran off and hid from him for singing a love song to her. But she was in love with him? She didn’t even speak to him! And then he is just as crazy to spend a year searching for a girl he scared to death to find that she has “died”, but he kisses her anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to at least know the guy’s name before he lay his lips on mine. I mean not only that, but the prince never said he was coming back for her. Did he go back to the castle and ask about her? Wouldn’t the Queen have killed him then? Also if Snow White was this beloved princess, wouldn’t her subjects want her coffin at the castle and not in the middle of the woods? I guess it could be called devotion, but I call it a bit odd in total.

But that is the thing about true love, right? If it is meant to be, then it is meant to be. Even if you are at the point of death, one kiss will bring you back. I wish that was one thing that was true about the movie. I would have saved so much in medical bills if my husband’s kiss could heal me from my ills.

So yes, Snow White is a fictional movie that can’t happen, but the underlying story can. It can change the appearance of things that have been distorted in modern society about the way men are children and need to be taken care even when they are grown, Snow White is just an innocent girl who really is the power house of the whole thing, and the idea the of romance and the first man we see will be our prince charming.

Will I stop my daughter from watching the movie? No because I she loves it and as a parent you learn to pick your battles, but I will watch it with her and explain the flaws in the story. Because overall I am my daughter’s greatest teacher and it is my job to train her to be a wife and mother who is strong yet meek, confident yet humble, and loving but not a doormat. So it’s “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work I go”.

A Sweet Moment Sewing

I know it has been a few days since my last post, but I have a really cute one to share with you today. I have been finally able to get my sewing machine out since we moved into our new house and I have been having a lot of fun. One of the things I have been also trying to do is make my own patterns which I am not sure is going well but I will keep trying.

One of the cute things that I have made recently is something that I got to include Emma in on it. I drew out a pattern for a little horse toy and thought I would give it a try. Emma was still taking her nap when I got started, but, when she saw I was sewing, she wanted to give a hand. I then told her I was making something for her and her eyes lit right up and she really wanted to help even more.

I sewed the pieces together and turned it right side out. She then wanted to help me stuff the little horse and she was such a great help. I would cut up the strips and she would hand them to me while sitting on my lap. It was such a great moment between the two of us. I felt so connected to her as a mother and a friend and she was so excited that I was making something just for her. Most of the time it’s for my Etsy Shop and I haven’t really made anything for her.

It was such a sweet time with her. With her being two, sometimes it feels like all I do is correction but this was a moment were we got to be together without any expectations or correction needed. She just sat on my lap and helped me make her horse.


I know it doesn’t sound like much but for a mom who wonders if she is doing anything right with this parenting thing, it was a confidence boost. I know that she will turn into a wonderful little girl and later a beautiful woman. I love her more than anything.

Finished project! It has some things that need to be changed but Emma loves it so that’s all that matters to me 🙂


Why am I so Tired?

I have been super tired today. I don’t know why but it could be the fact I have an active two year old but it could be because I have so much going on in my head.

This month so far has been crazy. Emma turned two, my Etsy Shop has been doing well, and my book is selling well. If everything is going well, then why am I so tired? I don’t know. Maybe I just need a nap? Yeah a nap would be good.



Praising God for Strong Willed Children

It’s funny. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had all these dreams and hopes of the person my daughter was going to be. I thought about all the pictures we would drawn and all the hide and seek games we would engage in. It was going to be perfect. There was just one thing that I didn’t think of. My cute, perfect daughter having a mind of her own.

Trust me, it’s not like I wanted a robot but my daughter’s personality is one that is a bit of a challenge for me. She is a super strong willed and stubborn child who makes the most simple requests (like don’t touch the blinds) into a big deal with yelling, screaming and me having to discipline her. If it was me as a child, the simple warning would have been enough. No not my child. For example with the blind, I simply asked her not to touch them. There was no yelling on my part or anything like that. I just asked her not to touch them. What did she do? She ran right back over to the blinds with her little hands behind her back and touched it with her toe. I then rolled my eyes because now this was going to be a fight that really didn’t mean anything except that she wanted to show that she was in charge.

So I gave her a little discipline and told her what would happen if she didn’t it again. This time she ran back to the blinds and put her hands behind her back. I was praying that she wouldn’t do it. I didn’t want to follow through on what I said but these acts of defiance have been getting worse so I have had to change my tactics with her. Sure enough, she didn’t touch it with her hand or foot, but rather she leaned forward and touched it with her nose. Now I had to do something. This wasn’t just a two year who didn’t know they were doing. She knew full well what the command was and twice disobeyed it.

After we had a discussion in her bedroom about her actions and why mommy was having to do what she was about to do because mommy loved her, we came out and I prayed that was the end of it. Nope! Now it seemed my child was on a mission more than ever to do everything opposite of what I said. And, in the end, there was a blind casualty. Half hour after the whole thing started, and many more timeouts and such later, she gave in and stopped touching the blinds.

I don’t get her mind set. I am an oldest so I like to follow the rules and do as I am told so that I don’t get in trouble. Technically my daughter is an oldest but not really – she is an only child. They are a whole new breed. I keep reading books on strong willed children and some things help but other things are a total waste of time.

Now you are probably thinking – she said that we need to praise God for strong willed children? And it is true! I do praise God for my child’s personality. It may not be a lot of fun to raise at times but it has  its good points too. My daughter is confident in herself, she can stand up for herself, and she can provide for herself. All of these traits will come in handy later in life as she goes into the real world and grows into an adult. My job is to whiled that strong will for good and not evil. Some days I know I do a terrible job and have totally missed the mark. There have been days I am so frustrated that I have my own tantrum in the living room while my daughter is having hers. There have been days where I have not shown my daughter the love of Jesus because I yelled and screamed at her out of frustration.

The point though is that this isn’t all there is meant to be in parenting strong willed children. My sister was one of these children that would make her life goal to drive my mother insane. I lost count of how many spankings she would get and it seemed to drive her up and not down. My poor mom didn’t know what to do, and, then a miracle happened, my sister turned into this wonderful adult. How did that happen? We don’t really know sometimes because it didn’t seem like she was taking any of my mom’s direction to heart but she was. And I have pray that my daughter is too.

It’s not all bad. Some times she can go a couple of days without an episode but when she has one right now it can last an hour. But we have so much fun otherwise. Now that she will be two in a couple of days, there’s so many things that she can do now that makes life fun. She is talking more and that is making life easier too. There is a lot of good! I just have to hold onto to those good times when we are in a season of not so good times. And some day, I will get to see the fruit of my labor. She will be a well rounded adult and society will get to see her fire as she goes on to do great things.

Do you have a little fire ball? Feel free to comment below on things you have done to direct them in the way they should go 🙂

Almost two and she climbed all the way up there by herself. She really is amazing!

Tantrums, Poop, and Snuggles

So I had the afternoon from… well you know. So today the day started with Emma banging her door down. I’m so tired of her taking toys and using them as battering rams against her door. It’s annoying but I don’t know how to fix it. Then my sister dropped her dog off and it looked like the day was going to get better.

Hahaha! That was a funny joke. When we then got ready to go to the gym, things blew up again. This time she broke down in a tantrum because I said put on her shoes for the tenth time. (She totally knows what that means and she can put on her shoes all by herself.) This was followed by a two mile scream fest from home to the gym. Her face was a mess but I didn’t honestly care at that moment. It had just taken 25 minutes to get out the door and my nerves were getting frayed already. (This has happened every time we have tried to go out for the past three weeks.)

Finally all done with gym with an excellent Pilates class and I pick Emma up. She is all smiles and I am thrilled! Now the rest of the day will be great! Hahaha! She didn’t like the lunch I made and threw it across the room. I thought a nap would us both good so I put her down.

One hour later, she hitting the door (I think with her head) so I go in to see what’s wrong. Like every day this week she is naked and a huge pee spot is on her bed. Only there is a certain oder that is now present. She has also had a poop and her diaper is no where to be seen. Finally I found it in her toy chest only my next nightmare happened – poop marked diaper with no poop. Becoming very frustrated, I search her entire room for it and can’t find it.

I called my husband for support and finally found it in her play kitchen’s oven. Yay!!!!! I get it cleaned up, get a new diaper on her and then call my mom for a venting call. I was getting so mad at my situation that I knew I had call someone or I was going to cry. As I was talking with her, her prayed over me and I started to calm down. She promised that I would laugh about this someday and said that it was probably time potty train Emma no matter what now.

That last little part did not make feel good. Emma still won’t pee in the potty. She is happy to pee on the floor after sitting on the potty but not in it. So I am dreading trying it again. Maybe I am cut out for only one child. Getting such a tough one the first time around, is making me second guess trying for another. Maybe my infertility right is a blessing and not a curse… I don’t know. All I know is what happened next was the reason why people do have more children.

She can get me so worked up at just raising a little person with her own mind, but then all she has to do is lay her head on my shoulder and all that frustration goes away. When she wakes up, we are off to AWANA and I get to have two hours to myself 🙂

But if you could pray for us as we go after the  goal of getting Emma potty trained that would be appreciated. I didn’t it was going to be this hard. S]But she’s my little princess and I love her so much.

(She has marker on her face if anyone was wondering.)


Still a Country Girl

I had to laugh at my little girl this past weekend. We have been doing a lot of yard work getting our garden ready and grass under control and Emma has been a real help. She has gone and got me buckets and helped carry the hose around. But today was the first time she was actually able to be a country girl in the city. It was warm enough it didn’t matter if she got wet and was able to able to run around in just her boots and diaper. She was one happy toddler!

Who wouldn’t love to go back to being a kid again where it is ok to get messy? I know some days I wish I could. She just makes me smile. It’s also nice to be able to give her a little bit of country in our suburban life right now. I grew up in the country and loved my childhood. And Emma actually spent her first year and a half on that same property where my parents have a horse, goats and our chickens. So I wanted to give her that since of good old growing up in an area that is really busy and urban. So here she is getting to be a kid and doing what kids do best.

Leave a comment below if you have a little one in your life who makes you smile. Leave a cute story if you want too! 🙂

My Gardening Buddy

Tis the season for breaking out that shovel and getting your hands in the soil to plant the new seeds for that spring garden. My husband and I have been rather busy putting ours together. We planned on doing small things but that had quickly climbed to 3 raised beds, 9 tomato plants (6 normal and 3 cherry), 14 potatoes planted, 4 trees (2 breeds of avocados, a lemon, and a clementine), 6 basil plants, 6 batches of strawberries, kale, spinach, carrots, rosemary, zucchini and enough onions to make any one cry. The crazy part is – we aren’t done! We are still going to peppers, more herbs, cantaloupe, watermelon, and even black beans. (Deep breath in!)

How am I going to take care of all this? I know I am in way over my head but I love it! It gives me something to do to provide for my family all year round and I bought my hubby a dehydrator for his birthday so now we can so even more! But I am not doing this all on my own of course. I have my husband’s help but, most of all, I have Emma! And she is a great help! Sometimes it’s not in the way I would want but she is there none the less and this is my chance to teach her something that she won’t learn in school.

She will get to learn where her food comes from and how hard it is to actually get it. That it takes time and a lot of work just to get one plant to grow. She will learn responsibility (which is dying fast in our young people today) and how to take care of something other than herself. She will learn about death and how not all plants make it, but there’s where learning from mistakes and problem solving come in. She will learn how to fix something to make it better.

All of these things she should be learning at school but she won’t. I know I didn’t. I didn’t learn anything about responsibility from public school. I learned that all from home. I was a nine year old out riding on the trails by my house with my own horse (of which I started providing everything for by age 14) with no one. How? I knew how to take care of myself and what to do in case of an emergency. We still didn’t have cell phones at that time. I am actually happy to say that I can remember a time when people weren’t strapped to the little device. So my mom would drop me off, I would go ride and then return at the allotted time planned. Because I was taught all the lessons above at a young age, I was able to do so much more. It came with more responsibility but my childhood was something that most little girls only dream about.

I just didn’t have one horse, I, at one time, owned five. I trained one colt and brought another home. He bonded with my mom and now he is ten and is her trail horse. I got to do 4-H and dominate in my class, I got to go to AWANA a earn my Citation Award, I have 300 Endurance Riding Miles under my belt and countless other Horse Show ribbons in a box in storage. This isn’t to gloat but rather to show what some training about the simple things life can do. Where someone can go if they are given the right tools.

I want to equip my daughter to be successful.  I want her to grow up and be her own person and to do the things that she wants to do. It doesn’t have to be horses. My sister is 22 and has a thriving business as a hair designer called Beauty Designs by Audrey. She graduated high school with her first salon station and ready to start her career. My parents have a successful body work called Bowenology. My husband does Youtube videos now with his most popular one about What do these things all have in common? We are old fashion people who know that value of hard work, and the start of that for my daughter is going to be this garden.

So she is my gardening buddy and I can’t wait to show how to dig her first hole 🙂

Where’s Emma?