River Flows Remix – Your Love Strong and True

So I have a new Youtube video out where I have written lyrics to a another musician’s work. Full rights obviously go to the musician who is Yiruma and his song River Flows. He is a complete genius, but I just got the inspiration to my words from it. Hope you enjoy and feel free subscribe. I will be putting out new videos more often now 🙂

Titanic Song 20 Year Tribute

   I am so excited to post this video for you all. I have loved this song since seeing the movie. It wasn’t twenty years ago, since I was 6 years old when it came out, but I still love the movie like a true fan. It is a masterpiece for sure. I hope you enjoy my tribute and make sure to “like” and “subscribe” to my channel. Thank you for all your support!

im flying

Making Something Out of Something Else

Hello. If you clicked on this post just because of the funny title, then awesome! It could mean lots of things. Maybe you’re a crafter and was looking for some new ideas to use, or maybe you were just curious at what a nutty blogger like me is up to. Either way, I am glad you clicked because I am still going to talk about making something out of something else but it might not be what you think.

I am going to be talking about parodies. I have one out right now on Youtube SEE IT HERE and it’s a remix on Let It Go From Frozen.

I have this thing with songs and making them into something else, and especially right now with Disney songs being turned into praise songs.

Where did I get this idea? I originally got the idea when I was listening to Michael W. Smith’s song Freedom and wrote my first parody then. But with a song like Freedom I need the music and I sing acapella so that wouldn’t work to put it on Youtube right now. But I do have a few more coming out in the next few weeks for Mulan’s “Reflection” and Lion King Simba’s Pride’s “He Lives in You”.

Why even bother though right? The songs are already written so there isn’t anything else to do with them. Well, how I see it is that there is always something new to be found in anything old. Many songs can be changed into a praise song if only a few lines are twisted and changed, but they can still used to praise Jesus. I wanted to be apart of something I thought to be cool. I can write words, but never get me in front of a piano. I will drive everyone out. So parodies are my way to be able to make music without having to touch an instrument. Though it is kind of funny to say that since I don’t sing with any music.

But I want to be clear that I don’t own any of the tunes. If Disney came to me tomorrow telling me to take them down I would, but the words are mine. They are what I am feeling God would want me to say instead of what the original creators were saying for that particular movie. And it’s fun. You get to challenge yourself to be creative and explore new options that might have first presented itself. I know I rewrote my parody “I Am Yours” probably three or four times before I felt God told me I had it right.

You can use this idea all through life. It might appear that life has only offered you one path, but, if you look behind a bush or under a rock, you might find a treasure that you have never found unless you decided to go your own way (with the guidance of God of course). I just mean that just because something has been a way doesn’t mean it’s the only way, and I get to experience that with my parodies. So if you have a song that you know you could make into an awesome parody (preferably a Christian one) then go for it. Sites like Youtube make it possible now to showcase your talents in a whole new way. Be bold and put yourself out there. Who knows? You just might be the new big internet sensation.

Have a great day!

My Latest Youtube – Video Let It Go Parody

I wrote this parody right after Frozen came out and then it sat in my journal for a long time. Then I recorded it last year and then it sat again. Now I wanted to share it with you and I hope you enjoy it. I am not a pro singer by any means, but I hope the words will bless you 🙂 Enjoy!

Side note: I had pneumonia at the time when I recorded it. After hearing it again, I was impressed that it came out as good as it did 🙂

My Song For 2016

This song is my song for the year. It has helped me get up when I just wanted to lie down and give up, it has been a reminder that God is with me no matter how I might feel in that moment, and it has shown me that I can’t change anything. The only thing I can really do in this life is to look up and keep going forward. I think the song tells the rest of this perfectly and better than I could. Enjoy 🙂


(I am not being paid to post this video)

Alive in Me

I love the lyrics of this song. I was listening to it in the car with my daughter today as we were running around doing our errands and it got me thinking – Do I really believe what this song is saying? I know that I am a child of God but I have always been taught that God is something that is out there and that He has control over everything in the universe. It wasn’t until recently have I been going to my current church that my pastor has been really talking about God living in us.

It is totally mind blowing to even think of such a thing. The almighty God, living in me. Wow! I am so not worthy and unfit to be a vessel of His but then I really hit that God – uses only “unfit” vessels because then He is the one who gets all the glory. If it was really up to me to do anything great in my life, I would be in a very bad place right now. Actually, I would probably be dead.

It is only by the grace of God that I have made it this far in life. He is the only reason that I continue to wake up in the morning. It is only through Him that I have the courage to do the things I do. I’ll tell you that writing this blog, publishing a book, and having an Etsy Shop is really scary for me. I have always been a very private person but lately it seems like God has been pushing me to come out of my shell. I am not sure He feels that I need to spill my guts out tho the world, but He does and I know better than to say “No” to Him. It is always easier to just do as the Lord leads than to fight Him.

So the question for me is, do I believe that God is alive in me? Yes I do! He is my rock and my fortress. I can hide in Him and I can stand firm with Him beside me. He has never left or forsaken me. Like a little broken child, I can come to Him and have Him hold me as I cry both tears of pain and celebrate with tears of joy. And, one day, I will get to meet my God face to face. I can’t wait, but, until then, I get to be here and enjoy the life He has given. I get to show other people that God truly is alive. He is alive in everything and He is definitely alive in me.

Feel free to comment 🙂

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