Thinking of Others

I had something interesting happen to me the other day. I had one of my singing videos trolled. The comment was too obscene for me to even mention what the commenter said on my blog post. I wanted to fight back right away but then was advised not to since that would probably only cause more problems. So I thought about it and try to figure out a way to to get back at them in a way but also to still show the love of Jesus.

So I made a praying video for them! Now I know this might sound stupid and I’m probably can get more ridicul and flack for it than I really desire or want to have but I thought that was the best way to go. I told you before in my blog post My War Roomย this year my New Years resolution was to pray more and to be more prayer minded. So now I have begun. You can watch the video below. Feel free to comment as long as it is constructive criticism and is actually relevant to the video.

I will warn you I am do not have technically the spiritual gift of praying out loud so it’s not as nice and clean as some of your pastors may pray or your group leaders might pray but it is the best I can do so enjoy, comment, like, subscribe and I will see you next time! ๐Ÿ™‚

Prayer For Trolls

A Video I Made

So I have made a couple videos on Youtube but I have never made one where I was doing the thing that was like my little secret. It is the one thing that I love and that I know makes me unique and that is my singing voice. I used to sing all the time in church but then I switched churches and that was no longer available to me. So for the past five years my voice has been dormant and hidden.

Now I am not saying I am a Celine Dion or anything but with some practice and pulling out the old techniques, I could get my voice back to where it used to be. So here is a little treat for all my readers. I have posted a video of me singing a song from My Little Pony that I love. It is a song about keeping true to yourself, but hope that, if you have lost yourself, you can find out who you in the end. It’s not too late to know who you are. I know how am in Christ Jesus but where in this big world do I fit?

One of my greatest fears, as I have said before,ย is rejection. So how am I getting over it? By throwing my most personal self out in the world for everyone to see. I might fall flat on my face or I will soar. Either way, I have faced my fear. I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe to my channel since there will be more to come ๐Ÿ™‚

I Am Just a Pony Acapella

i_am_just_a_pony_by_loveless_nights-d9iseqw (1)