This is Who I Am

My name is Gracelyn Asay and I am an author, Etsy Shop owner, wife, mother and a lover of all things beautiful made by my Savior – Jesus Christ.

My story stats when I started writing when I was 12 years old. I grew up in a small town in Northern California as small as 2,500 people so everyone knew everyone and in my town you have to go to the grocery store prepped up because you will someone there you know.

I love writing with all my heart and have always wanted to do it as a way to share my thoughts and feeling with others. But there was always an insecurity there that I have had to fight off in order to become an author. Even though I have now published my first book “Potholes of Hope” insecurity is something that, by the grace of God, I will be able to overcome.

I am married to a wonderful man who has been my biggest supporter, along with the rest of my family, and we have a little girl who is the love of my life.

One area that is near to my heart is the struggle with infertility since I am a one that battles PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). We have one miracle child but have recently felt the hurt of losing 3 babies in our efforts to have another child.

But even with my physical stuggles, I still feel blessed to have such a passion for writing, and I want to share my blessings with others. It is only through Him that my Etsy Shop ( or my book will be successful. He has saved my life in more ways than one so many times.

So keep an eye out for my book and I look forward to publishing more books and reaching people in a whole new way of inspiration.


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